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  1. I sent my new neoprene center console cover off to 42Stitches to have same embroidery stitched onto my console cover that they recently did with my headrests. The work turned out excellent.
  2. I did not notice any significant change in exhaust note. That said after serving in the Gulf war, my hearing is not particular that great now.
  3. ? percent agree. What we pay for these trucks Ford really needs to step it up.
  4. Thanks gents, I appreciate the comments. 42Stitches.com does fine work. I am having a neoprene center armrest cover embroidered soon and will post pics after it complete. I am still waiting on the new armrest cover to arrive and will ship it off to have the matching embroidery above done. Patriot??
  5. Never being overly thrilled with the appearance of the ugly stock twin exhaust on my 6.7 I opted to go change it out. I had this recently installed and I am happy with the new look. Keep in mind it’s $$ spendy just for the aesthetic look. It does bring the BAP aka black out package together on my Tremor and really should be what Ford should install. HP torque or exhaust note gain? None that I notice, honestly just a big smile ? with regard to appearance. I ordered the 4” Monster Exhaust as it is crafted from 409 SS - 5 yr warranty and costs little more. I considered the 5” version which is made from aluminized steel and is cheaper in cost with a 3 yr warranty. I am very happy with the 4” in SS.
  6. Click link for the website he has prices listed. Shipping is on your dime both ways.
  7. Sent all four of my headrests from my F350 Tremor off to Jim at 42Stitches.com and he did an amazing job! His turn around is fast. I highly recommend this family owned business.
  8. Last Sunday, I noticed that I had battery corrosion starting under my tie downs on both of my wet cell batteries in my 2021 Super Duty 6.7 diesel. So I removed the tie downs cleaned the battery acid off, sanded and repainted and tie downs. (I have read on other forums the OEM wet cells are prone to leak and corrosion will eventually occur). I could have warrantied both batteries at the dealer, but decided to up grade to a maintenance free AGM batteries through my local Batteries plus store. I just don’t want to deal the cleaning corrosion that regularly can occur with the wet cells. I removed both old wet cell batteries one at a time and replaced them with the new AGM maintenance free batteries. So essentially the truck was never left without battery power during the switch to the upgraded AGM batteries. My question- Is there a setting in the BMS (Battery Management System) that requires that the truck now show it has new AGM batteries in use and no longer is using the former OEM wet cell batteries. I have called two local Ford dealers here in Western NC explained that I switched over to AGM batteries and they have no idea what setting I am talking about as far as changing any settings on the truck. The new AGM batteries are Duracells have a non prorated 48 month warranty full replacement. Answers, thoughts or guidance appreciated. Thank you, Patriot1
  9. Where are you located and how much for the winch?
  10. My wait is over as well gents. I did a search this weekend and found this 2021 F350 Lithium gray Tremor,Lariat Ultimate, BAP, AS, 5th wheel prep, bed liner fully optioned out with 4540 miles on the odo and only in service 6 months. I called the dealer and placed a deposit over the phone on Sat purchased the truck and drove it home Sunday. I am done with all the bumps and guessing. We needed a truck to pull our camper and this is perfect. I called my dealer and canceled my 22 order and my fund was processed while on the phone. All the best gents on your orders, I just could not pass this deal up. Thanks to the moderators on here, they do a great job. Onward!! ????
  11. No marketing genius here and won’t ever claim to be. But sadly the guy at the dealership is obviously pretty out of touch with the direction Ford and likely other manufactures are heading. Lots full of inventory at least according to Ford are going to be a thing of the past according to this link. Having lots of inventory sitting on a dealers lots will no longer be. Like it or not, this certainly appears the way the Ford and the auto industry as a whole is moving for more profit. As said in an old folk song, “the times they are a changing”. https://fordauthority.com/2022/03/about-one-third-of-new-ford-sales-now-coming-from-customer-orders/
  12. I tow a travel trailer and prefer the factory rake. So no leveling for me.
  13. Ordered and Accepted - Jan 10  Scheduled for Prod & VIN -Feb 10 Scheduled build date - 3/28 Rescheduled to 04/04 Rescheduled to 03/21 Rescheduled to 03/07 Rescheduled to 03/14  Email this evening -Rescheduled back to 03/21
  14. F 350 Lariat Ultimate/Tremor /Sport pkg, fully optioned, winch. (no bed liner, no A/S, no 5th wheel prep) Ordered and Accepted - Jan 10 Scheduled for Prod & VIN -Feb 10 Scheduled build date - 3/28 Rescheduled to 04/04 Rescheduled to 03/21 Rescheduled to 03/07 Rescheduled to 03/14
  15. They might not look great but they sure keep the road rash and rock dings off my travel trailer. ?
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