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  1. I've seen the letters laid in on the hood before but always wondered what the tailgate would look like being raised already. Nice work.
  2. Mine went into production on 5/2. I haven't received the built email yet but I did have the as-built data when I checked yesterday (11 days) so it should be close. Have you checked yet to see if you have that data?
  3. Anyone with the 7.3 running exhaust yet? Saw Borla finally dropped one for the 22 7.3s, plus a few others. Have a Banks Monster exhaust on my current truck and want to find something with a similar sound. A good deep tone. I'll see if I can grab somewhat of a sound clip, hard to get a feel for it from the cab. Edit.... Best I can get for now.. In cab with the windows up. Maybe I can talk my wife into a drive by later. ? Snapchat-1510086760.mp4
  4. I dont need both but my father in law has a need for one. The one I'm hoping for is hopefully close behind.
  5. Got a built email on Monday. Unfortunately not for the order I was hoping for. Both orders went into production on 5/2. One was ordered 12/27 and the other on 3/4. Received vins for both on 3/17. Still holding out hope I'll get the built email for the 12/27 order at some point this week. Hoping to get it before vacation.
  6. @4thTimer my coworker didnt drive his 350 today but he just text me and said those fillers didn't come with his.
  7. Alright, so I may have a few answers. One of my coworkers F350 XLT showed up and he got the front and rear wheel well liners. I took a peak at the fronts. To answer the question about weather or not you install over the felt type liner that comes installed, they were installed over top of the felt ones (1st pic). The plastic liners are partly anchored by 2 clips that are fitted over the felt and plastic liner (pic 2). Now they definitely did some trimming to get them to fit, seen in pics 3 and 4. So it looks like those we referenced above may be the same and have to be trimmed to fit, or I'm assuming so since these were factory installed.
  8. Maybe we'll both catch some good news this week and see them before July vacation.
  9. Fingers crossed this is the week I receive the coveted built status. Had a production week of May 2 that I was fortunate enough to never get bumped from. Unfortunately after eagerly anticipating the built email all last week it never showed. Thankful that I have made it this far in the process especially without ever going crazy searching for updates. With that light at the end of the tunnel and vacation getting closer the obsession is starting to set in. Anyone else with a production week of May 2 playing the waiting game too?
  10. Surprised her with that early Mothers Day bed cover. Those late Morhers Day vent visors will be here tomorrow. ?
  11. I've seen a few guys around my area with weigh safe hitches but have never got around to asking them about performance. I like that the B&W has the stow feature especially having a 3 year old running around. The weigh safe may have something as well I just haven't done my research on either yet.
  12. Yea if I would have received a built and a built and shipped email this week for the beginning of June I wouldn't be as concerned. Hoping next week. Will have a lot to squeeze it before first week in July to have it ready for vacation. In the mean time I guess I'll continue buying stuff everyone posts..?
  13. You're right. That was just the best price I had found it my little time searching. I bought my Tremor valance from them so I know they're good to go as well.
  14. Yea that was my thinking, that the info just hasn't been updated yet being that they were an option for the 22 builds. I'll probably grab a set when I get a delivery date for my truck. If they don't work I'm sure I can unload them to someone with a 21.
  15. Glad you're optimistic. Saw someone's that got built earlier this week had a beginning of June delivery date. Bed cover, wheels/tires, lift, vent visors, waiting on grill/fender badges/mirror caps and rear seat cover. Still have few other things I want to have right away. The rest can wait...maybe.
  16. I saw those and messaged them on Ebay. They told me they would fit the 22s. Also I saw them on their website and they were listed for $144.90, its also where when plugg in it says they dont fit. It's shown in one of the pics above. I would assume over but that's just speculation. I'll have to do some research and see.
  17. Went into production at the beginning of the week. Was hoping to have a built email by now but no such luck. My chances of having it and getting it ready for the beach trip in July are dwindling. My bed cover did show up today so there's that.
  18. That red is ?. Hoping to catch a built email this week. Tint is the first place mine is headed when it arrives.
  19. Those were the two numbers I kept finding. I could confirm that LC3Z-9927886-A was for the rears but when I would plug in HC3Z-16F099-A for the 2022s it would tell me it didn't fit. Hated to order and it not work.
  20. I noticed that too when looking at the picture but when you search the part number is comes up as the front as in the first picture below. The rears are shown in the second picture.
  21. I have a 22 F250 on the way. After seeing one with the front wheel well liners I want to add them to mine when it gets here, already have the rears. The only number I have been able to find is HC3Z-16F099-A. When I plug it in it says it doesn't fit the 2022. I wouldn't think there would be a difference from the 17-21 to the 22. Can anyone that has them on their 22 confirm the part number for me? Thanks.
  22. Those look like they have a pretty good fit. I'll check them out. Thanks.
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