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  1. Anyone have a good rear seat cover recommendation? Looking for something that fits, without just hanging real loose, and is fairly sturdy and won't tear. I will have two cars seats in the back so want to protect the seats as best as possible. Have been looking at Marathon Seat Covers, fairly pricey though.
  2. That's my debacle right now as well, or when the truck arrives. This link was from RHRSwag Truck Accessories but I saw a video on them on Stage 3s YouTube.
  3. So I was looking up some more running board options this afternoon. I came across some by a company called Go Rhino. They have the same look as the Tremor boards and the have an option to be able to add/remove drop steps on them. I have been looking at some Tremor boards but my wife wasn't sold on them because of them being tucked up against the truck and her being short, she would rather me get some Amp powerboards when they're available. Has anyone ever heard of this company or used these boards on any of their trucks before?
  4. @FirstFord22 good deal. Now i need to know what stubby it is...smh ?
  5. You definitely wouldn't have been able to see much with 15% at night. One of my coworkers is running 5% all the way around and 35% on the windshield and it is very dark at night and when it rains, the few times I've been in it anyway. Can't imagine trying to see with 15%. Think that 50 you went with is a good compromise, 35 is doable I think, would just have to get use to it.
  6. She's a beaut Clark!!! Shoot me a pic or two of that Bakflip if you don't mind, opened and closed if you got it, no rush though. Also let me know how that stubby does with reception, that is if you still listen to the ol FM radio..? Clean light install and nice choice with the 43x also!
  7. Would definitely opt out of the chrome strip myself. Only thing I like about the hanging boards is the little extra protection it gives you. Im with you on liking the cleanliness of nothing being there, also gives a look of extra height. The Amps for the 22s have 20-22 week lead time according to Amp customer service. A local Amp dealer checked to verify and said didn't see any available in any warehouses so have time to decide what route I want to go anyway.
  8. I live near Charlotte, NC so we catch a little of everything weather wise. The more I read the more I see that same 2 year mark seeming to be the breakdown point. Definitely hate to pay that price for them to develop those kind of problems that fall on me. Have to see what other opinions I can come up with. Thanks for the honest input.
  9. I had a soft roll up on my last so either will be an improvement over it. I might can swing the 50%, give me a little relief and some dash protection as you stated. She'll end up telling me she's driving separate..lol.
  10. Have tonneau narrowed down to bakflip or retrax. I'll look into screen pro. Tint going 5% over factory on back and 5% on front, undecided if want to touch windshield or not. Have some lights for grill I'd like to get but not available for '22s yet. Plus some other crap .. ??. You didn't hit me to hard that time. ?
  11. You and me both, your pictures juat made it worse on me. Those 37s paired with the 4in is going to make my wife hate me, espcially getting a 3 year old and a newborn in and out..??. I called the shop today that my lift is sitting at to reassure them that the truck will be here at some point, hopefully...lol. I also asked them about the Amps and they said no one has them in stock right now. So I'll run the boards that came on the truck for a while and see how they do. If I can figure out a way to fab a bracket to drop the Tremor ones a bit I may think about going that route. In the mean time, what else do you have for me to spend money on?
  12. I Iike the look of the Tremor ones more than the ones that come with the BAP I'm getting but I wish Tremor ones hung just a bit lower.
  13. Thank you very much. Trying to decide what I want to go with. I like them but wife wants something lower since I'll be lifted 4" on 37s. I saw Amp has the powered boards available for the 2022s now. I've seen mixed reviews on them, some saying they quit working after while. They would definitely make the wife happier but trying to decide if they're worth it. Have you ever run any? Or anyone else out there lurking?
  14. I can't imagine having to wait that long only for someone's else's stupidity to take it all away. In the end it's replaceable and a life isn't, so always have to try and see the silver lining. Next one will be bigger and better.
  15. So are those running boards for sale then? All kidding aside, that has to be a sickening feeling. Glad all are ok or would be a much worse feeling.
  16. Anyone here with the Tremor package have the part number for the running boards? Thinking if I don't go with power boards in the future that I may go with the Tremor boards if I can find some. Thanks.
  17. You and me both. When did you pick your rig up? Must have missed that... and you got the 547s mounted. Very nice. Looks great.
  18. @FirstFord22 they made it today. Now I just need a truck to put them on plus whatever else yall make my buy until then. ?
  19. That's a good add. Was curious about the Sport package because it still adds painted bumpers, plus painted grill and mirror caps instead of black, if thats part of the look you were after with the BAP. I'll have a few items once the truck arrives and I get them swapped out.
  20. Did you change to the Sport package when you dropped the BAP or just striaght dropped it? Also did you add the LEDs on when you dropped the BAP? That's one of the main add ons. Along with body color front and rear bumper, plus the black ovals, fender badges, grill, mirror caps and running boards. Some of those only apply to Lariat trim though. There's something else I'm forgetting. I have the BAP on my Lariat that should be built at the beginning of May. I'll be swapping out my ovals, fender badges, mirror caps and grill to color match with black. Could wait on it to paint the ones on the truck but going to just buy some and have them ready. Also going to aftermarket 22s on 37s so my wheels and tires will go up for sale along with those other pieces.
  21. I'll check them out, thanks. I bet that license plate one would be pretty slick. I'd like to do a housing similar to the last picture on inside the bed somewhere close to the rear. Think it would look fairly clean as well. Just have to wait and see when she gets here.
  22. I don't have any picked out yet. Trying to decide if want piece something together or work off a kit. Have a local guy that runs a shop, he has a 250 with similar set up to what I want. He runs his air bags, horn and air coupler, so going to swing by and talk to him one day and see his set up and how it's working for him and go from there.
  23. Do it!!!! I'll have one already from doing a horn install. So Im going to have a quick coupler added, possible in the bed somewhere or where the def nozzle would be on diesel. Really hoping I can air down a 37in spare and make it work under the truck, then have the ability to drop it and air it up if a spare is needed. That will be trial and error though. Plus it would be nice to have air on demand if needed for any other number of situations. I'd like to possibly add a housing of some sort to seal it off from dirt and whatever else or possibly not. Have to see when the truck gets here what I can make work. Maybe something along the lines of one of these.... EDIT... also what smoked lenses did you go with? I want to add some of them at some point as well.
  24. Well played sir, well played... ?? Have the same waiting around on mine.
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