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  1. The wait is over. Ordered 11/19 Priority 2 2/10 Built 6/4 Delivered 6/21 F-350 CCSB Lariat Ultimate LED lights 5WP SIB Plow/camper package Console safe 7/5 they are installing my letter inserts, window tint, and a 25,000 lb 5th wheel hitch!
  2. Funny thing. Monday status said "ramp Louisville, KY." Yesterday (Thursday) it said "ramp 3J: Lawrenceville, GA." Sticker says convoy but Lawrenceville is a rail terminal for CSX. Never showed a rail car number. I'm guessing because I didn't have the salesman check in between, but the way shipping is going, I would have thought it would take longer by rail. Now just waiting for a carrier to pick it up and travel the one hour to my dealer to drop it off....I think...
  3. I got my build day last week from the customer service number. June 3rd. Yesterday (Friday), the tracker updated to in production. Today , windosticker was available. All without an email from. Ford. And I KNOW my correct email is in their system. Point is you may not necessarily get an email.
  4. Probably why there is no scheduling this week. To catch up on shipping?
  5. Got my email yesterday! Scheduled the week ok 11/30! Ordered and confirmed 11/19 Set to priority 2 on 2/10 F350 CCSB 6.7 4x4 Lariat Ultimate Sync 4 Heated rear seat Snow/camper package SIB 5WP Console safe
  6. Is there information useful to me on the am scheduling preview report? Such as if my vehicle is previewing and if not, what constraints are causing my truck to be passed over. Is there any reason a dealer wouldn't want to show that report to me?
  7. Looks like Flat Rock plant is going to suspend production. Good news is all other plants will remain at capacity.
  8. I was wondering if you can provide me with an order change history, focusing mainly on when my priority were changed. You see, I found out the dealer changed my order to a "stock" order. Order code: J119 Dealer code: F21430 Thanks for considering this. It's a one time deal.
  9. According to ice, an email can only be entered on a retail order? So what it think happened, since I got a confirmation email, that they put in my retail order and sometime after changed my priority to a stock order that will never get built. I suspect the same happened to you.
  10. Thanks. Maybe it shouldn't matter to me anymore but I had already been waiting 4 months before finding out this past Friday I was a stock order. I immediately ordered at another dealership and have to start the waiting all over again.
  11. Let me ask this, then... If the dealer originally put my order in as a priority 20(stock,) would it have generated a confirmation email?
  12. Would any Ford employees out there care to look this up for me? I doubt the original dealer will...
  13. I don't have a Vin. Can any dealer access that or just the original dealer for that particular order using order code and dealer sales code?
  14. Glad I'm not the only one. How did you find out it was changed and the person who changed it?
  15. I may have pissed them off. Long story short, I changed salesman within the dealership and my old salesman is family to this family owned business. At any rate, I now have a new order confirmation date: today. The sales manager also said he would talk to the regional and try to push mine through as I have already waited 5 months. Anyway, fingers crossed...
  16. It's in North Georgia. Don't want to say any more until I get my deposit back that they SAID was refundable.
  17. One other thing, I got and order confirmation email on 11/19. Does that mean it WAS a retail order and then afterwards they changed my priority code to 20?
  18. Sorry for all the quote, but I wanted to give credit to both of you for your answer. Made it easy to decide because if it resets the order date, I really have nothing to lose. Thank you both so much. Off to find a new dealer. I just wish there was a way to totally cancel my order so they don't get the truck...
  19. So, stopped by the dealer today. When I ordered my truck in November, I was told all orders get put in at priority 10. Today, I asked him to reprint my build sheet knowing the code is on it. It's at priority 20. I immediately brought this up and he said it will actually help build it faster. I can't think of a reason it would. Also, they said they can't take my PCO until it's delivered and we sign paperwork. I will have xplan so...maybe? Anyway, yes, get a new dealer. But realistically I've already been waiting and ordering at another dealer may be too late. Looking for help on my options...
  20. Already ordered 11/19/21. Don't want to go to the back of the line.
  21. So, my dealer's sales manager won't tell me how many are before me nor will they tell me what's on that commodities report. Is this privileged information?
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