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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. The first two paragraphs of this article share more bad news or potentially explain some of the more recent production delays...https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/01/massive-pile-up-of-cars-ikea-exports-in-european-port-labor-strife.html
  2. My understanding is they have not scheduled anything for the first two weeks of July. Therefore, it seems you got bumped to the next available week.
  3. I'm waiting for my COVP verified retail order for a 2022 Ford Escape SE PHEV to be scheduled for production. They have my email address as I received an order confirmation email after ordering. I'm wondering if the Production Week Scheduling report tells me anything related to my order - specifically that my vehicle will not be built before a certain month in the future (e.g. September). For instance, if I haven't received an email scheduling production yet, can I look at the 6/20/22 report and see that they already scheduled Escapes for all of August and know that my vehicle will likely not be scheduled in August? Assuming I can use it in that way, how do I read the report? Does the report for 6/20/22 say they are scheduling all of August beginning on 6/20/22? That they scheduled all of August on the Thursday before 6/20/22? Or they will be scheduling on the Thursday after 6/20/22? Can I assume they send out email updates on any of these dates?
  4. Thank you! That's very helpful. Earlier this week my salesman told me there are no constraints listed for my vehicle and no unscheduled Escape orders head of mine. They have two scheduled in July. My priority number is 19. Does priority number matter to my order if there are no other unscheduled Escape orders through my dealer? I assume it only matters if someone were to order one at my dealer going forward and they get a lower priority number? Also, does priority number only affect my order in relation to other Escape orders at my dealer? All vehicles at my dealer? Only Escapes at all dealerships? Or all vehicles at all dealerships?
  5. When did you place your order and at what trim level? I ordered a 2022 Escape SE PHEV on 3/31/22 and am still waiting for it to be scheduled. For those who ordered a PHEV in 2022, has your order been scheduled or delivered yet?
  6. I've read as much as I can in this forum and I'm still looking for a little more clarity on scheduling priority for retail orders. Assuming two retail orders have the same model, trim level, and options, does dealer allocation enter the equation at all or is scheduling strictly based on order date regardless of location? Another way to ask: I ordered an Escape SE PHEV from my local dealership on 3/31/22 and received an order confirmation email from Ford. I am waiting for production to be scheduled. If someone ordered the exact model, trim level, and options one day later on 4/1/22, but from a higher sales volume dealership than the dealership I bought from, who has priority?