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  1. KevR

    Engine Coolant sensor

    My Temp indicator on the the instrument cluster is showing 3 bars on the indicator all the time. I drive in electric mode , gas engine not running yet it shows temp, will not come down to where it normally should be with cold engine. I'm trying to locate the proper temp sensor to fix problem. Vehicle is a 2022 Escape PHEV
  2. KevR

    Engine Coolant sensor

    Is the CHT sensor the sensor that feeds back temp to the temp indication on the instrument dash?
  3. Does anyone know where the Engine Coolant Temp Sensor is located on a 2022 Ford Escape SE PHEV (2.5L Atkinson Engine). Pics would greatly appreciated.
  4. KevR

    12 volt issues

    There has been a lot of chats with regards of 12 volt battery failures on HEV/PHEV vehicles. A lot of the discussion has been around the overcharging of the battery, leading to the failure. I have 2022 Ford Escape SE PHEV. I have a Battery Monitor hooked up directly to the battery and when charging the charging voltage is 15.1 volts. Is this to high to charge a the Lead-acid battery? In the old days of alternators the voltage regulator was approx. 14.7 volts.
  5. KevR

    Escape Running Boards

    Sorry for the late reply. The ground clearance for the 2023 Hybrid and PHEV is 6.8" unchanged from 2022 model. Non-Hybrid Base models are 7.3"
  6. I noticed the other day when my gas engine turns on I can't rev the engine while In park. When you require an oil change or emissions test later on in the vehicles life, you will need to force the engine on and rev at a certain rpm. Is there any trick to doing this with the Ford Escape PHEV's?
  7. For you 2020-2023 Escape PHEV owners. Has anyone installed running Boards/nerf bars on their vehicles? If so what brands did you go with. Pics would be great
  8. KevR

    Level 1 charger

    Looking at buying a level 1 charger from amazon as a spare to replace OEM charger. I only have a 15 amp circuit available which is fine, thats what I have used with the OEM without issues. Not looking to upgrade wiring to accomadate Level 2. Info on websites is a little confusing on what the max current of the device and the actual draw of the device. My Question is! Does anyone know if the 2022 Escape PHEV On- board charger module limit the current to 12 amps when using a 15 amp level 1 charger?
  9. KevR

    OBD2 scanner

    Can a OBD2 scanner be used on a 2022 Ford Escape PHEV without causing any harm?
  10. So after 7 months of waiting my new 2022 Escape PHEV arrived. Got it home, and all appeared to be good. Happy I was. After about the 6th start a message came up "Stop Safely Now" and wouldn't allow me to start it. I noticed the hybrid battery was at 0%. So I charged it up. Went to start it and the message went away and it started. Thought it was all good. Then the Service Engine Soon warning light came on so I booked a Appointment and the service center. After a couple more starts the check engine light went out. Me thinking the Service engine light came from the Stop Safely Now message and cleared itself automatically. I thought all was good, until a couple starts later got the same message "Stop Safely Now" and wouldn't start. My ford pass app is telling me it's a high voltage power train issue. So into the Service center I go. Has anyone run into this issue?
  11. My new 2022 ford Escape PHEV got ordered Nov 22 2021, built April 6 2022 and has been in a carrier delay now for 8 weeks. I live in Toronto Can., Is this normal?