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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Alex.noon

    Ventilated Front seats - Ranger

    I can suggest a to install or replace old seats with new ones. My uncle installed these recliners instead of passenger seats in his van. And left the driver's seat as it was.
  2. Alex.noon

    How Do You Like Your Transit Connect?

    We like our little TC but it's not without it's flaws. I even could fit in it everything I need, from golf drivers like this to a bicycle. The struts went out with only 2 years on them. We've since upgraded to performance Bilstein struts and the ride has been extremely better. We're hoping to make a few minor and major improvements tot he van as we're not going in the direct most TC owners are. Our little TC is our sports car and we're going to increase this by adding a custom made sway bar and lower springs in the back. 18''s wheels and a number of interior customizations. Mind you this is our second TC and this 2020 is far better than the old 2015 we use to have. The only issues, is that we drove the van for 1 month using the eFuels which cause a check engine light only because I topped it off when you should have. The trans has a shuttering issues which all TC have. So we'll be looking at taking care of this our way. The dealership are very hard to get along with so if you locate a TC, best find a shop willing to handle any other improvements to the van. Lastly, our TC had/had 2 recalls.. one was fixed by safelite and the other hasn't bene fixed but I have the part in the van at all times. As for hills, your van has hill assist plus if the hill is too steep, down shift into manual mode like you're hauling stuff.
  3. I used to carry up to 5 (2 Adults, 2 Teens & 1 Kid) and still have room for coolers, bikes etc. I now have a BH model TT with the bike door so I use the PVC Bike Rack inside the BH now.
  4. Alex.noon

    Rearview Mirror Camera

    I'm also carrying a bike rack. I love to go mountains to ride my bike. I used to go there every weekend before I got a new job in the town. Why did I decide to get a bike rack on my Odyssey? Btw, found a good review of them here. A bike rack allows you to move and carry your bike securely from one location to another. The sort of bicycle rack you need will be determined by the type of vehicle you drive. A hitch-mount kind of rack would be great for vehicles such as minivans.