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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. Has anyone ordered these (doesn't matter the model year)? If so, can you tell me if they are a hard plastic or a rubbery feel like the Weather Tech Rubber Mats? Thank you
  2. Copper_Man

    Wireless Charging and Paddle Shifters

    Paddle shifters are on my 2022 Edge with the Adventure Package. I also have the towing kit too.
  3. Copper_Man

    Edge beyond 2022

    Hopefully not.
  4. Copper_Man

    Edge beyond 2022

    It will be at taxpayer expense, and they expect wind and solar to produce enough electricity to drive all those recharging stations? It is a farce.
  5. Copper_Man

    Edge beyond 2022

    By the time Ford is ready to roll these, the current administration will be a thing of past and their looney green energy mandates with them. Ford and all car makers would be wise not to divest themselves of gas powered cars. You can't make it from NYC to Florida without stopping at least 4 times to recharge and at 7.5 hrs or better that makes it a terrible option. Have you seen the lines for public charging stations?
  6. Copper_Man

    2022 Edge seats

    I just got my 22 Edge on Saturday, and I think the seats are very comfort. Much more so than my 19 Escape. Took an 1hr drive out to dinner and back and they felt great. IMG_2554.HEIC
  7. Copper_Man

    Edge beyond 2022

    My lease on my 2019 Ford Escape ended and I just got a 2022 Ford Edge SEL Adventure. I loved my Escape, was a well made vehicle with a lot of features, but truth be total, I love the Edge. More room, more comfortable, more power and that 12" screen for radio and climate is beyond compare. I hope Ford figures out was to do about the Edge after 2023. It's my first one Edge and I hope not the last. Highest rate Consumer's Report Ford vehicle and a recommended buy. None of their other models come close except the Bronco Sport. IMG_2558.HEIC IMG_2557.HEIC IMG_2556.HEIC IMG_2554.HEIC