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  1. Had my grill guard installed and am very pleased with it! Feels safer. It’s a beast. About 300 pounds worth.
  2. Ordered 2/18/2022 Built 12/15/2022 Received 01/5/2023 So for me, it was a bit of a nailbiter, but my faith has been restored, and will have more patience next time. Best wishes to all those going through this process! Todd
  3. Ok I picked up my truck today! And spoke with service department. According to them. My warranty would not be voided because of cattle guard. They also had around 15 New trucks with ranch hands installed. I’m going to have it installed. I think the risk of being stuck without a truck for months is not worth it to me.
  4. Ok ? thanks for the replay! It’s nice to know I was treated fairly!
  5. Well these was his way of saying he tried. came back in with these docs and said no go. So the dealership is incorrect?
  6. My Dealership seemingly tried to honor the coupon. They tried to submit it two different ways, and show me documentation where it is expired.
  7. Thanks! Best Wishes to you! When I spoke to my dealer yesterday. He said no chip holds on mine. He said it would be in red and show issue! so hopefully he is correct ? But said Ford was only correct about 10 percent of the time on shipping. So not really getting my hopes up there. Happy Holidays!
  8. Thanks! Me and mine are happy! Can go visit some family with our trailer in safety and comfort. Means a lot to us. And not taking for granted! Best wishes for a speedy shipment for all of use! maybe Santa will deliver for one of use? not likely but that’s ok. But Maybe ? Happy Holidays!
  9. In less then 8 Hrs Went from your screwed to Aw just Kidding your trucks Built! on to the next stage. the dreaded wait for shipment ?
  10. I called the dealership. My contact had gone home but another sales associate said the truck is built no holds. Nothing in red or chip holds. he said it gave an eta around the 25th. And said that there eta is only rite about 10 percent of the time. But he agreed with your statement. He said I’m not the only one getting this incorrect information. I will call my salesman tomorrow and double check. I hope the dealership info is correct. Otherwise suck city.
  11. Wow it’s really starting to feel like am a fish on a hook. and obviously, Ford tracker has stated the vehicle was in production 12 12 then tonight I get a dear John letter saying it’s not in production. Wish I would’ve bought that blue super duty from Granger at this point. Something will work out, but this sucks!
  12. Im starting to wonder if I'm not being updated on the track your order? Will call my sales rep in a couple days. Was hoping to be off the assembly line? Maybe my spray in bedliner? No PCM modules either?
  13. I almost bought that truck ? But decided to hang in for my build. You got a nice monster Blue! Enjoy!
  14. Thanks! Me 3 My sales Contact: thinks I might see the truck End of January or sometime in February? Witch would be about a year since order. I will hope for that! He also said updates are on Thursdays?
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