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  1. Peterman

    MY 2022 Hybrid Production

    I get that this is the latest official date from Ford. But I have this email from last night: The memo above references December 12 build dates moving to 2023, so not sure where that leaves me...
  2. Peterman

    MY 2022 Hybrid Production

    So, I assume this means the 2022 production will extend through the end of November at least, or maybe through the week of 12/5?
  3. Peterman

    MY 2022 Hybrid Production

    Over at the Maverick Truck Club. Some show screenshots of Ford customer service chats: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/moved-to-december-12th.22118/
  4. Peterman

    MY 2022 Hybrid Production

    Many are now stating that Ford customer service reps are quoting scheduled build dates for 2022 Mavericks as late as the week of 12/19 (well past the 11/14 balance out date). Is there no official word from Ford on extending the 2022 production?
  5. Peterman

    MY 2022 Hybrid Production

    Good question. Also these MY 2022 orders have already been assigned VINs. Would those just get cancelled / converted to new 2023 VINs? Aside from a few color changes, and the addition of cruise control to the XL, there are not many differences between 2022 and 2023, so anything is possible. I was under the impression that receiving a MY 2022 VIN ensured production of a MY 2022 vehicle.
  6. It looks like many hybrids which were scheduled for production in October are being pushed back, with several people receiving emails that their production week is now November 14 (which is the balance out day for MY 2022). It seems like the hybrid engine is severely constrained. What is the likelihood that the MY 2022 production will be extended past November 14 at this point? And would that delay the start of the 2023 production, or is it conceivable that they would produce 2022s and 2023s at the same time?
  7. Peterman

    2022 Scheduling Questions

    Is it likely that all 2022s will be scheduled before the 2023 order banks open? Will Ford communicate if the order needs to be rolled/resubmitted?
  8. Peterman

    2023 PHEV Tax Credit?

    That's right, as of 2023 there is no battery size requirement affecting the credit amount. It's less clear whether the PHEVs sold between August and December of 2022 will receive the $7,500 credit or the $6,843. The bigger question from the OP here is whether the critical minerals in the Escape battery are processed/extracted in the US or in a country with a US free trad agreement ($3,750 credit), and whether the battery is manufactured or assembled in North America ($3,750 credit). I would happily take the $6,843 credit this year rather than unknown value next year, but that will come down to whether Ford actually produces and delivers my order in 2022.
  9. I have an Escape PHEV SEL on order since March, waiting for a scheduled production date. Couple questions: 1. Since it isn't scheduled yet, is there a chance my order will be canceled or rolled over into a 2023? 2. It looks like the 2022MY Balance Out date is 11/23/2022, but the Job 1 date for the 2023MY is 11/1/2022 - will there be overlap in production for 2022s and 2023s?