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  1. Man that sucks and doesn't bode well for the rest of us! What model and trim do you have?
  2. Now that we're into March when the tax credit changes are supposed to be announced and take effect, has anyone heard any rumors about what is supposed to happen?
  3. I asked my dealer's inventory manager if he had any info on my 2023 PHEV Premium order and this was his reply. "The only reason I’ve seen for it being passed over from week to week when they’re scheduling is the limited number of PHEV vehicles they are building. I have not see any other flags for limited availability of other options. Contrary to the information Ford gave you this order has NOT scheduled. It was submitted on 09/21 and is still in “unscheduled/clean” status. I will continue to monitor and let you know of any changes"
  4. Oh great! ?? https://www.wdrb.com/news/business/ford-idles-louisville-assembly-plant-amid-rocky-launch-of-new-escape/article_807dd358-abcc-11ed-94c3-53b32c6a3045.html
  5. I think both of these statements are valid. My dealer apparently sells a lot of pickups but not many Escapes. I asked about their allocation when I ordered my PHEV Platinum and they said theirs is two. I ordered on 9/16 and have only received the sorry for the delay emails so far.
  6. Ars Technica: Manchin writes bill to stop temporary electric vehicle tax credits. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2023/01/manchin-wants-to-block-temporary-electric-vehicle-tax-credit-rules/
  7. Does the preview report come to the buyer as an email from Ford or does it only go to the dealer and they call you with the details?
  8. Tim's Long McArthur YouTube Live tonight should be good and clear up a lot of things!
  9. I ordered my PHEV on the first day, September 16. I saw that lots of people got their confirmation emails from Ford but I didn't get one. I messaged the dealer on September 26 and he said that his inventory manager hadn't added my email and home address to the order. He did that and I got the confirmation email within minutes after that. What bothers me is that my delay emails are coming 45 days from the 26th and not from the 16th. With the short supply I'm worried that I might have lost 10 days, but I hope it was actually accepted on the 16th. ??
  10. The Long McArthur YouTube video last night was mostly about Mavericks and they talked about the problem getting the trailer hitch. Somebody asked if the 2023 Escape hitch was also affected and the answer was no, so that's good. Has anyone seen any more information about the availability of Sirius XM and the B&O radio?
  11. Aha, that explains it. I have the same info on my dealer order sheet but I thought yours was in your Ford order acceptance email. Now to see if anyone that has removed Sirius XM and the B&O radio gets their order scheduled sooner than others that didn't. ??
  12. I remember seeing a comment about that. Any idea how much credit they will give for removing them? I'm an old AM news radio guy so the removal of them would be no great loss, but wonder how that might affect trade in or resale later.
  13. Has anyone heard of any accessory addons that will or might delay 2023 Escape orders? I have ordered a star white metallic tri-coat PHEV with the premium package, cargo shade, and class 2 trailer tow package. For example, in Long McArthur's last YouTube video they mentioned that the trailer hitch was slowing down some Maverick orders.
  14. My email didn't have a document attached. There is a link to "View Online" which had a mobile IP address (m.t....) and throws a 404 error. At the time (9/26) I figured it was just the standard link to view the email online so I didn't click on it then.
  15. How did you get all of that information? I ordered mine with the premium package, cargo shade, and trailer hitch too, except mine is the Star White Metallic Tri-coat. This is all my order acceptance email shows: 2023 Escape PHEV Front-Wheel Drive: 2.5L iVCT Atkinson Cycle I-4 Hybrid Engine eCVT Transmission Star White Metallic Tri-coat Space Gray Leather Trimmed Seats with Quilting Design and Mini-Perforation with Red Stitch 18” Rock Metallic Painted Aluminum Wheels 700A PHEV Package Ford Co-Pilot360™ Technology *Does not show all optional and included packages/‍features.
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