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  1. Got a text this morning at 7am from my salesman, one of my 450's was picked up at the railyard, and on a truck headed to dealership. I should have a picture of it by the end of the day. It's about a 4 hour ride by convoy from railyard to dealer. Once they inspect it, and add accessories to it, i'll set up a day and time to go pick it up.
  2. Both of my 450 Lariats i ordered are built. One is shipped, and the other is awaiting shipment. I won't be taking one of them. The one that's already shipped, i won't be taking. It's a 2024 black 450, lariat, ultimate package, chrome package. 6.7HO, black leather. If your interested in it, i'll let you know the dealer its being shipped to.
  3. Lariat Ultimate package, one of them has max recline seats. That one is in production, the other one has shipped
  4. I got the text message and email at like 3:45 this morning that one of the two 450's i ordered shipped as well.
  5. 450's come standard with 5th wheel prep, that's something they won't send offsite to install. It wouldn't be scheduled without having 5th wheel prep available for it. Now this morning, the tracker actually says "Built".
  6. One of my ordered F450's has all of the modules listed, as well as has the "G" at the bottom. I spoke with salesman on Friday, and he said he looked into his orders on friday morning, and this truck shows as "built" but "sent offsite" which makes no sense, because there's nothing on this build that would require it to be sent offsite. So he mentioned he's a bit worried that it's not "completed", and missing something, like in 2021 when they all were missing some module or computer chip.
  7. Yes, the plan prices are available. Your dealer just chose not to check the box and print them out.
  8. I probably shouldn't be posting in this section, because i'm not an employee. But i will say this much. My family has always been loyal to Ford, and honestly will always stay loyal to Ford. No matter the outcome of the UAW contract. I have very close relatives that are currently employed by Ford, and retired from Ford. And to me, always being and staying loyal to Ford, feels in a way as though i'm helping to support my family. I've always been someone that does look a little beyond the product, into the people who are building that product. So by purchasing Ford, i'm doing my part to help insure my relatives continue to have employment. So as much as this strike isn't beneficial to the consumer, (i have a 2024 F450 on order, and concerns about it being built), this strike is beneficial to me as a person, because i do want to see my family taken care of. I've spent time over the past couple of weeks texting with my cousin who works at the Livonia Transmission plant, hoping he doesn't have to strike because the strike pay isn't very good. But also hoping demands are met so he can be in much better shape financially. He told me that after 2007, he didn't receive a raise for 12 years, and if the UAW hasn't given up COLA in 2007, he would be making $9/hr more right now, that's without any raises. So as a consumer, I do support this. I know first hand what inflation has done to me and people here, as well as people working in the auto industry.
  9. Well, i think there's alot of things that have happened, to make this work out like it has. 1. 2023 order banks have been closed for a long time. 2. Some dealers probably haven't rolled unscheduled 23's over to 24's yet. 3. Possibility of some supply chains catching up. 4. 2023 was a whole new animal, with roughly 150,000 ordered in no time. I don't think there was near as many 24's ordered as quickly.
  10. They put me at a 10 on first day because i had ordered a 21 thru them, and it was sitting at a racetrack and they couldn't deliver it on time, and had no clue when i would be getting it. So i bought a 21 elsewhere. So they said they would put my 23 on a 10 from day 1. All of their other retail orders were at 19 or higher number. They were stumped as to why my Lariat never got picked up. Sales manager contacted their regional rep a couple of times thru it. Rep put it at a 02 in March and in July i got a VIN and build date for August. But i had told them in June i wasn't going to take it. I ordered a 24 on day 1 and they put it at a 03, and also had told the Rep what was happening, and she was going to step in and make sure this one got built in a timely manner. I know of a guy who ordered a 22, and has dealt with the same stuff from a different dealer. Ordered a 22 limited, then that was bumped to a 23, and now i think it's going to be a 24. I just don't think there's any rhyme or reason sometimes.
  11. I also have doubts on that as well. My dealer put mine (2024 F450, CC Lariat, Ultimate package, DRW, 6.7HO, Chrome Package) as a Priority Code 03, since my 2023 F350 was a Priority Code 10 from day one and didn't get built until August, they put the 24 at an 03, and it was scheduled for the week of 10/2. I think Ford knows how to use the new PC system, and it picks up the code 03. I just think they might not be 100% truthful.
  12. I got an email on my 24 F450 to be built week of 10/2. That's a 6.7HO, Lariat, ultimate package, chrome package, max recline seats. Got another email for a 450 i ordered from a different dealer, that truck will be built the week of 10/9. Basically same truck, except no max recline seats. The one scheduled for 10/2 was a priority code 03, the other was a priority code 19. Ordered a 23 F350 on first day, priority code 10... Took until mid July to get scheduled for August. Showed up at dealer on 8/23... Told them i wasn't taking it, and taking my chances on the 450. Smart move since i'm A plan, and wouldn't have been able to trade the 23 for the 24.
  13. When does everyone think we will start to see scheduling emails, or when our dealers will hear on scheduling? I know i ordered my 2024 on 7/17, and got the confirmation email from Ford on 7/18. And in their they have their "promise to you" that you would hear from them within 45 days. So i'm thinking that will be around Friday Sept 1. More than likely they will be scheduling on Thursday August 31. And supposedly on 10/2 they are starting production on the 2024. So just curious what others are thinking on when we will hear about 2024's being scheduled. The 2023 i ordered on 10/27 is finally being built this week. But i've already confirmed with the dealer that i won't be taking it, and will hopefully win the lottery on the 24 being built much sooner. I just can't wrap my head around taking delivery of a 2023 around Sept 1 and the 2024 will be produced a month later. That truck would be a model year old already. Depreciation would hit pretty hard, very fast. 23 i ordered was a F350 CC Lariat, Ultimate package, DRW, 6.7 HO Black on black. And basically ordered a 24, the same thing, but in a F450.
  14. I got a phone call and voicemail from my salesman this morning. They have a few that were ordered 10/27 and 10/28. To this point, no VIN's, nothing. Mine was even a 10 for a priority code. He said they pushed them thru to their ford rep, and should have a build date by end of the week. I haven't had a chance to call him back, but i probably will at some point today. I hadn't even called him or emailed him in 2 months. I had kinda decided that if i didn't have the truck by july 10, i was just going to order a 24 and not take this one. I guess i have a feeling it won't come as ordered. 350 DRW Lariat, ultimate package, HO motor, Black with black onyx interior. I just saw something yesterday, where someone posted that black onyx interior is another one of those items with limited availability. Ford rep might move it to a priority code 1 or 2, but if that's limited availabilty, it probably doesn't matter. It'll either get built with the wrong interior or still pushed back.
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