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  1. Agreed. Mine to has been sitting in the cloud of wishful thinking since 2021 as well. Mines just a normal 250 platinum with the normal power stroke. Nothing really added other than supplemental heater and block heater. I personally saw my dealers system when I stopped in in June and I had their number one spot as far as priority code everything. Yet here we are no truck two years later.
  2. I just got the “we are still very sorry” email on my platinum. I thought that if they weren’t scheduled by now then there was no chance of getting scheduled and you had to go to a 24??? Are the still scheduling 2023s currently?
  3. I asked my dealer the same thing in the event that my platinum got built (it didn’t so now it’s a 24 order) so I would know. The salesman, sales manager, and service manager all said they didn’t think so. I wouldn’t take this to the bank because they didn’t seem at all interested in the question and didn’t seem all that confident in their answers. I know my wife’s explorer came with heated rear seats just missing the rear seat controls and within 4 months we were notified the controls were available and now everything works no problem.
  4. I don’t know about your areas but in New York I’m seeing way more 24 chevys and gmc’s on the road then fords. Ram I’d agree with, demand isn’t there maybe because their prices are so stupid currently. Every ram dealership has crazy amounts of half tons and HDs just sitting in the lots and don’t see many on the roads. But the demand for Chevys and GMCs plus the availability of them is making them a very popular truck.
  5. It would be interesting to see only HD sales. A lot of those numbers from 150 sales
  6. Very nice, is that with the normal output powerstroke? I couldn’t tell from the picture
  7. My dealer told me I could. But probably easier decision for them since my Platinum still isn’t scheduled. However your not obligated to take the 23 by any means
  8. Agreed, I have noticed the same thing around here to include Limiteds as well. I understand it’s a totally different frame and chassis etc, but the options are mostly the same and they produce a lot more halftone than 3/4 and 1 tons. But all the other manufacturers are the same they have a lot of high trims sitting all over the place on lots. Just an observation. Wish they could take some of the components and throw them over to the superduty build lines and produce a few more but I’m sure it’s way more complicated than that.
  9. I’m with you. I have an AT4x and ZR2 ordered as well. Was honest with both dealers that I have fords ordered but am not confident they will be built. They were more then ok with it because they want high trim trucks they can sell if I back out.
  10. Yes as of last Monday the order banks opened up for 24
  11. I went to two different dealers because the dealer I ordered my platinums through hasn’t been great at communicating and when I asked about changing to a lariat they told me that I couldn’t do that and I’d have to stick with the platinum if I wanted a good priority code for 24….. pretty sure it was just laziness on their part. The other dealer was more than happy to place the lariat order and told me they’d do everything the could to get it here before the platinum so I buy from them and not their competitor. We shall see
  12. My Platinum hasn’t been picked up for build. I’ve since placed a 24 Platinum order as well as a 24 Lariat Ultimate Tremor. Hopefully one of those will get built. It’s frustrating as heck but unfortunately we have zero input and zero choice in the matter. Also feels like the dealers are stuck in the dark as well.
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