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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. DucatiV4

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    This is one area that won’t get anything because every time they did something for the retired in the contract they would complain it wasn’t enough. I had this as first hand experience back in the 2015 contract they gave small Christmas bonuses to retired workers. 250 if you were still alive, 125 if it went to a widow. My grandfather passed back in 2013 and retired in 88. My grandmother was fairly active in the retirement UAW community and after a good while considered herself to be retired from ford. It was rather an odd point of view but whatever well after my grandfather passed she did nothing but whine & complain about how ford doesn’t do enough for old people. So I’m 2015 i told her about the bonus she was furious and complained they could just keep it, 125 dollars was a joke. Then I’m 2019 they took it away and she cried some more so while i understand that retired should get some form Of inflation protection, no matter what they do it’ll be wrong and not enough as a result i digress
  2. DucatiV4

    2023 UAW Contract Wish List

    And i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we see a rather large buyout for anyone with decent seniority 10 years and above. This contract will be wild because it’s going to make or break ford and the workers. I’d be surprised if ford tried to under cut everything based on all the current production issues but i was wrong about the 2019 strike because it was going to effect the C8 launch. So who knows i just want a large buyout “I’d take it” or some serious updates to pay and COLA