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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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  1. hi all, sorry, I don't know how else to call this tab that is connected to the door/ glass? what's it for? do i remove it? 2022 TC LWB 2.5
  2. 22tc

    2022 TC 2.5L engine DI?

    Thanks folks. I spoke to a fleet guy who also said non-DI. And just to cover my bases, confirmed with parts dept that looked at injectors and it's port FI. I've submitted my build list, we'll see if it can still be ordered.
  3. Hi all, is the 2.5L I4 engine that's optional with the CNG prep package, DI or not? It was my understanding it was still SMFI but I've been given an esourcebook page for the 22 TC and it says 2.5 DI I4. Order guides still call the engines 2.0LGas GDI I-4 and 2.5L Duratec/ i-VCT I-4 Gas. tia, parker
  4. 22tc

    2016 Focus

    that (plain jane focus) guide is still 10/1/15, or am i doing something wrong?