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Found 10 results

  1. I am trying to see if there are any other hybrid Explorer owners out there and what your user experience has been. I have been so thoroughly underwhelmed by my purchase last year. Here have been a just a few of the many and seemingly unending issues this vehicle has had in my 18mos of ownership: *techs not properly trained on how to secure the oil pan after the oil change so it spews oil everywhere *sh**ty fuel economy. <24mpg combined despite eco mode every time I drive and I am not a lead foot and I brake well before the stop. *THE TRANSMISSION FAILED AND HAD YO BE COMPLETELY REPLACED AT JUST OVER A YEAR AND WITH 20k MILES ON IT!! (might be bitter for a while on that one) *there is no option to just have rear wheel drive. *3 safety recalls and no fix for any of them yet *sync just decides to not work sometimes like a teenager working at the ice cream shop *the engine hood flaps relentlessly whenever there is the slightest bit of wind. *upholstery was not tucked in and mindful of craftsmanship *ugh.
  2. I ordered a Black Diamond with a MID package, because there was no option for the LUX package. The MID package does not come with a front facing camera (at least that is my understanding). I want the front facing camera to use while climbing trails. It’s very useful to see the road in front of you when you can only see sky through the windshield. Is there a Ford parts or aftermarket solution to get the front camera on the Black Diamond? I do have the auxiliary switches, so that might be an option for power? Can I get it to work with Sync 4?
  3. Since Microsoft Sync's with the phone, contacts, maps, etc... Why can't they sync the clock time?
  4. Hello all, SCoville 619 from San Diego here. New member, and I am looking for a tech savvy forum on the 2003-2005 Lincoln Aviators. I have owned a 96 Thunderbird that was an impound magnet, but faaaaast, a 95 Mercury Cougar Xr7, with the most unusual plenum I had yet seen, and practically every...single... motor related issue found with the 4.6, EXCEPT the cracking of the plastic plenum as mine was cast aluminum. an 05 Montego, with a real bad pressure valve in the steering rack and my new purchase, a 2003 Aviator with the 4V 4.6L modular!...an auction purchase with 205k miles. ( during the inspection, I didn't press the info button on center console to switch from trip to mileage, thinking it a steal with the 166k miles listed). she has some problems and I am hoping to find solutions here. Please, if you can point me to threads regarding overdrive cutoff not responding, ( od off /buster light lit constantly on the dash), the old gear selector wont move with foot on brake, sereto schematics, and upgrading to SYNC from an 2003 model, tune up on a 4V, um... best suggestion for front suspension parts and bushings, and... what's up with the DVD? Thank you!
  5. So the Sync screen on our 2012 Edge went black a couple of weeks ago. Took it to the dealer, they said they'd try a master reboot. That didn't work so they hooked it up to diagnostics and gave me the bad news that it'll need a new APIM. Fortunately Ford extended the warranty on the APIMs to 5 years because they have defects that cause them to die an early death. Unfortunately the 5 year warranty for ours ran out on Feb 21, 2017. It had shown some signs of some type of problem before then (black screen, reinitializing messages) but it would always come back to life. But not this time. Our Edge had only 48,280 miles on it when we took it in and has only slightly more than that now. We've owned it a little over 2 years. The assistant service manager recommended I call Ford to see if they'd make an exception and take care of this for us or at least participate in the cost. I did and they gave me a case number. The lady told me to check with the dealer in a couple of days because they don't always check for new cases and they don't always contact the customers about them. So I did. I visited with the assistant service mgr again in person, he looked it up and said yep it's in there and now we just need to wait for someone to respond to it and he'd let me know. So I waited a week and hadn't heard from him so I stopped by in person again because he was never available when I'd call and he wouldn't return my messages either. He looked it up and said there still wasn't any update on the case so he was going to put in a request and for me to check back with him the next day (Saturday) or on Monday. Well I wasn't able to do that until yesterday (Tuesday) and his office was dark. One of the service dept clerks told me he was on vacation. So I asked for his boss, the service dept manager and luckily he was in his office. The service dept manager looked into the case and told me that Ford shouldn't have told me to check with the dealer because they know they are the ones that would need to authorize an exception to repair the APIM under warranty. The dealerships get an allowance amount from Ford to help out with customer repairs but the dealer has to follow the rules set by Ford and Ford's rules state that Ford isn't going to authorize that allowance money to be used for a warranty repair that's out of warranty. So he added his comments to the case and told me to call Ford back and see if they would do anything for me. He said even if they'd cover $10 of it then he'd be able to process it as a warranty job and I'd get a break on the cost. So today I called Ford back and the woman I spoke with told me Ford wasn't going to authorize anything for it because it was outside of the 5 year warranty. So after all the run-around I find out that I'm going to have to pay full price for this repair on a vehicle that has only a little over 48,000 miles on it to fix a part with known issues and in fact issues that are so bad that Ford had to extend the warranty on the part or risk losing a bunch of customers. It's going to cost about $860. I'm going to get it repaired so that I can sell this POS and then never buy another Ford again. And I told the Ford customer support lady that I was in the market for a truck but now I'll go with some other brand and I'll be posting plenty of negative comments about Fords online and steering as many people as I can away from them both online and in person. Ford has lost me as a customer and their decision to not help is going to end up costing them a lot more than the profit they'll make off of this one repair. This car is some kind of lemon. The power brake booster went out on it and we got that repaired last year for free because Ford had to extend the warranty on that part too. And the collision warning keeps giving false readings of the sensor being blocked so then we have no collision warning and no adaptive cruise control. But there's no extended warranty coverage for that POS part. It's a pain in the butt to try to navigate through that stupid little menu as you're driving down the road to switch to regular cruise control after the adaptive cruise shuts itself off. Even the assistant service manager at the Ford dealer said he doesn't know why they didn't just put a switch on steering wheel to be able to easily change from regular to adaptive cruise or why the vehicle doesn't just automatically switch from adaptive to regular cruise when that happens. These are not inexpensive little repairs and all of this tells me that Ford still isn't close to the quality they should be. So goodbye Ford, I won't ever buy another Ford, new or used.
  6. I just ordered (3/20) an F-250 Lariat with the Lariat Package and then read about SYNC 3. Does anyone know if SYNC 3 is shipping on the F-250 yet? Will my truck be a 2015 or 16?
  7. So I checked my online Ford account and it said there was a new update for MFT. Has anyone done the update yet? Any noticeable changes to performance? As a side note, before I could even update, my MFT crapped out and keeps on that black screen with the SYNC word on it. Usually, it'll reboot giving the good old "Performing System Maintenance" status bar. But not this time, it seemed to keep trying to reboot unsuccessfully Always staying on the black screen. Taking the Fusion in tomorrow to have it checked out but I was wondering if anyone else on here has ever had the same thing happen.
  8. Looks like the summer update for Sync will be making its way out soon. Here is a photo posted by Scott Monty, Social Media guru for Ford, after updating his wife's Explorer: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151485142761625&set=pcb.10151485144571625&type=1&theater When asked whether or not it was available now he replied "it's making its way out. I received mine in the mail today. It's an upgrade and improvement"
  9. Hello, I just had a question regarding the Sync system in your Focus. My girlfriend and I just purchased new 2013 Ford's. I got an Escape and she got a Focus. Now, it's been three months and she has had nothing but problems with her Sync microphone. We have brought it in to the dealership repeatedly, but no resolution yet. Basically when she is using her phone via bluetooth through Sync there is a ton of road noise and when she speaks her voice is distorted. Ford's fix thus far is putting a huge amount of foam up in the compartment where the microphone is, but this is a bust. Is anyone else experiencing these issues and if so how did you resolve it? She is getting really fustrated with the situation not being able to use Sync for what it is intended. Thanks for your time and consideration. -Zac
  10. If you have a 2013 Fusion Ti AWD model, the manual says that you should be able to view the AWD power distribution on the Information display on the left of the speedo by changing display modes: "Intelligent AWD (if equipped): displays power distribution between the front and rear wheels. More power to either front or rear wheels will be displayed by more area filled in." Only, It doesn't work. None of the menus for the Intelligent AWD System as described in the manual come up. My VIN and sticker confirm that I have an AWD car, but it is disconcerting that no menus are available for that system. I called the Ford Customer Relationship Center (CRC), and they told me it was a SYNC issue and told me to call the CRC/SYNC line. The SYNC people said is wasn't a SYNC issue. So, it would appear that this falls through the cracks. Do any other 2013 Fusion Ti AWD owners seem to have this issue?
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