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  1. I was recently dinged for being off-topic in a thread here. I honestly want to know what constitutes being “off-topic” here? I have had many conversations and topics here and not a lot of replies that I really wanted feedback on. Are people not responding to posts because they don’t want to get a warning? How often do people get warnings here? How important are warnings? How many moderators are there here? What power does a moderator have in discussions? How do we know if somebody is a moderator? I really do appreciate this place and enjoy talking about opinions related to Ford vehicles, mostly the Bronco. My comments are genuinely received well as I get mostly likes. I just don’t know how this all works. Feel free to add any other comments or questions to this thread as I know I didn’t cover all questions. I won’t hold it against anybody for being off-topic, obviously.
  2. Apparently, not a fake news talking point as bzcat suggested. The power grid has more powers outages more frequently than in years past. So I believe looking at EV’s this needs to be taken into account. https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/comparison-of-major-grid-failures-in-united-states-and-around-the-world-part-1
  3. I would like to let it be known that this went off topic because bzcat called a response a fake news talking point. So maybe you should have deleted that post.
  4. Exactly, thank you!
  5. I didn’t say that all EVs are bad. Hybrids work Just not a good business model for an entire brand (Lincoln) to be 100% electric. If you want one, buy one. The technology is still flawed after many years of development. Still very expensive and take a long time to charge (3-16 hours). If I drive across the country in a regular car, I stop about every 400 miles for gas and fill my tank in 5 minutes. For an electric vehicle, only the best models allow you to reach 400 miles and then you have to sit at a charging station charging for 3 hours (level 2) or even 16 hours (level 1) to fill up. Last, how much was the government rebate for EVs right now to make them semi-purchaseable? $7,500, and that doesn’t include the expensive cost of charging stations. If you want a vehicle to only drive back and forth to work, then an EV may be a good fit. Hybrids work as a good alternative, but I still like gas better.
  6. Generator required at gas stations: https://www.simplemost.com/gas-stations-pump-without-electricity/ As of last year America was the #1 producer of oil. This year we aren’t because of politics. And we did that with the lowest emissions of any industrialized nation. Environmental alarmism is a cult. Don’t believe everything they tell you. As I stated in my first post, EV is good for people to have options. Just not 100% EV. EV’s aren’t in their infancy. They’ve been around for over 100 years. It’s just that nobody liked them and they were unpractical. Kind of like today. The Prius came out in1996. That’s a long time ago as well. And they are still only 3% of the market after 25 years. When unsold EV’s are sitting in lots and dealers are handing out incentives to get rid of them. Then car manufacturers will change their model again. The technology for EV is better, however, in 25 years there are still a lot of problems. Also, they’ve been mainstream for 25 years and the price hasn’t gone down much. Maybe technology will get better. But at the pace they are going, I don’t think I will be around before they are priced moderately (without a Gov subsidies) and they find solutions to the current problems.
  7. There will always be a significant portion of the population the doesn't want an EV. I am one of them. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be built, just that changing to a 100% EV model is a bad business idea. I think Ford is doing it right as of now. Offering as many options available to customers. Let the customer decide. People who buy luxury vehicles can afford an EV, but at the same time governments are pushing for the ban all gas-powered vehicles? How will poor people buy cars if they can’t buy gas-powered vehicles? My mom once said, If Johnny jumps off a bridge, will you follow him?” This applies to us doing what other countries are doing. Gas stations tend to have transfer switches to generators if the power goes out. It is required in a lot of States. But I do like the feature of using the EV as a home generator. Even though you might only be able to use it for a fridge. But then again you won’t be able to drive to work because you kept your fridge going. Also, what happens when the power goes out when your battery is already dead? Last, the batteries are really bad for the environment. There is a fire in Illinois burning from a lithium fire right now. Residents had to evacuate the area. Also, the UN cautions of EV boom. My last point is why why do Americans want to increase purchasing rare earth materials from Communist dictatorships who hate us (China). The majority of the EV batteries are made in China. So until these concerns can be addressed, I will stick with my gas-powered vehicles. https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/06/1067272 https://wgntv.com/news/chicago-news/evacuations-extended-in-morris-after-industrial-fire/ https://www.greencarfuture.com/electric/making-of-ev-batteries https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/renewable/china-dominates-the-global-lithium-battery-market/
  8. Making a transition to exclusively 100% EV is a bad business model. It also goes against Ford’s model of “Something for Everyone”. EV are expensive and require massive government tax credits to customers. While diversifying energy sources for vehicles is good, completely transitioning a brand to only EV is a disaster. Just ask all of the folks in CA and NY dealing with rolling blackouts this week. They can't even charge their EV’s. EV only makes up 3% of the global vehicle market. Now imagine how much electricity will be used if that number increases to 30% That means more rolling blackouts and no way to drive to work.
  9. Dealer Code: 41499 Sales Code: F41499 Order Code: B100 Type: Retail Priority Code: 10
  10. Interstate

    Bronco Front License Plate Location

    😂 typo. But that is great!
  11. Interstate

    Bronco Front License Plate Location

    Do they have front license plates where you live?
  12. I know this won’t be a problem for Michigan drivers, but in Illinois and 29 other states, a front license plate is required by law. I saw a picture of the plate bracket attached to the front grill on a Bronco. I think it looks hideous. Any solutions out there for where I might mount the plate? I won’t have a wench.
  13. Interstate

    The Bronco Has Landed

    Beautiful! Congrats! #Merica Also, your driveway is way better than mine. 😆
  14. I ordered a Black Diamond with a MID package, because there was no option for the LUX package. The MID package does not come with a front facing camera (at least that is my understanding). I want the front facing camera to use while climbing trails. It’s very useful to see the road in front of you when you can only see sky through the windshield. Is there a Ford parts or aftermarket solution to get the front camera on the Black Diamond? I do have the auxiliary switches, so that might be an option for power? Can I get it to work with Sync 4?
  15. Interstate

    2 Door MIC vs. 4 Door soft top part production

    I’m jealous of the 2-door hard top. That’s what I wanted initially, but it is not practical form me as I have a young child. I hope to see some of these 2-door hard tops on the road, I think they look awesome! It sounds like Ford is prioritizing more 2-door builds in their push to create more hard tops. Who know. Ford should allow soft tops for the two door as well. I’m sure this is something they may address in 2022.