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2018 F150 big Disappointment

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Just need to gripe a little bit. Its really kind of rediculous. So I ordered a 2018 F150 Lariat on 6/13/17. So now almost 4. On the later still no truck. According to Ford tracking it was built on 9/5/17. And been in transit from 9/13 and delivery date has changed 3 times. It is now 10/6.

Built in Dearborn to be delivered to Louisiana. Sure seems like a long time. When I look at others, they are delivered in about 2 weeks from production date. I guess I should not have wanted the 5.0 and got the eco boost. ☹

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Yes   It finally showed up 2nd week of November.  Yes I love it.  Well worth the wait   5.0 pulls my 35’  bumper  pull camper just fine.  26k miles in her now.  Sorry I didn’t reply. Forgot I even posted this.  

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