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Re-Aquired Vehicle Program

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  • I have never been so upset with a process as this one. Its taken 2 months to get to this point

and still no resolution. I was told that the packet to finalize this deal was going out last Thursday

to the dealer and would be recieved on Friday. Another lie I called Friday after the packet was a no show 

was told the checks were cut and it would go out Monday that was today. Now Im told not till June 6th.

I got this offer signed a month ago. It took me a month after it was approved to get the offer not counting all the time

the truck was at the dealer (Galpin FORD) FOR A PROBLEM THEY COULDNT FIX!!! The truck had 2000 miles. And you

want me to buy another Ford? You must be out of your mind. People this is a joke the fedral goverment is more

effeciant than these people. You need to reaccess this 3rd party company you hired because they dont have a clue

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I'm working on that with my '19 Navigator now ... 

Lincoln even sent tech/engineer -- no luck!

Without my dealer's support, I'd be getting no where.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Dealer has

been always made sure to keep in touch (in shop 4 times/ way over 30 days) and keep me in 

loaners that were great.

Originally they asked me to keep vehicle 6 months while they "work on a reprogramming fix".

No!!! Just, no!!! I'm not driving it thru March (winter in Wisconsin) ....

Sorry to hear of your issues --- I sympathize, and I'm praying that this being my 3rd Lincoln and

we've owned so any Ford pickups that something will happen sooner rather than later.

Please let me know how long this actually took to resolve so I can brace myself.

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Well....I've met the criteria for Lemon Law in Wisconsin -- it's been in 4 times, this last time for over a month.

Have been working with Concierge desk.

They called yesterday to tell me they're sorry, but cannot justify buy back.

One of the things they asked of me was to keep Navigator an additional SIX months -- which would take me thru

the dead of winter in Wisconsin..... I use vehicle several times a week to haul food for our local food pantry, so that's

really not an option if the lift gate won't close. If their engineer couldn't repair at dealer, and asked for 6 months to

rewrite a program ... what should I do?  No, just no!  This is unacceptable on an almost $90K vehicle.

This is my third Navigator -- my husband has had many F-150s and we also have an '88 Mustang with 20,000 miles on it .

Guess it's time to leave Ford/Lincoln?  And to clarify -- I couldn't be happier with my Lincoln dealer and his staff -

they have tried everything. Any ideas who to reach out to next??  Sorry to ramble, but I'm just so disappointed in Lincoln.

We left Cadillac after 15 Cadillacs -- guess I'm beginning to be sorry I left them - they've stood behind their vehicles.

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On 9/10/2020 at 11:01 AM, Fox Lake Gal said:

Well....I've met the criteria for Lemon Law in Wisconsin --


Any ideas who to reach out to next?? 

WI State Attorney General

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