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Can you reset your power steering and advancetrac trouble codes yourself with some diy procedure?

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Can you reset the trouble codes on a 2011 ford fusion hybrid yourself?  There has to be a way right?


I'm struggling and failing at reseting my "service powersteering" "service advance trac" trouble codes...


I've tried disconnecting the battery overnight.  I've touched the terminal wires together as i've seen instructed.  I've also tried a foxwell scanner NT510 but i don't have the ford software on it yet so its useless for this.  On my toyota hybrids you can jumper the holes in obdII port and hit the brake like 8 times to reset abs lights etc etc but i'm finding no good advice on ford hybrid trouble code resets


I've also noticed that the car stays powered up even with the accessory battery completely disconnected..... i never seen that before on my toyota hybrids...  no wonder i can't clear anything.  This thing has the memory of a steel trap.  Does this pull power off the traction battery when the accessory battery is disconnected?


What triggered the codes was getting a flat tire and driving 1000 feet on the flat.  


I installed a new tire and the tpms light went away so i know thats fixed and working ok so i figure i most likely don't have a powersteering or advancetrac issue.... i just need to reset some tripped codes....

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