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Possible PCM failure?

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Ok everybody bare with me because I'm not terribly car savvy so be patient with me if possible. I have a 2012 ford edge limited that I've had no problems with until about 3 weeks ago. Heres how the problems started:
• while driving my instrument cluster went out including the speedometer
•sync 2 navi screen went dark
•a/c turned off and I had no control over the climate control at all but it pushed hot air that i could not turn off
•all above symptoms would happen, then everything would turn back on, then off, then on over and over again during my drive.
after I turned the engine off and then tried to restart the vehicle I was unable to restart the car without disconnecting the battery and letting the car sit over night. When I reconnected the battery the next morning the car would start.
•lastly the car is throwing a p260f code

I've researched and researched these symptoms and havent been able to find anyone who has had the same exact symptoms. Took the car to the ford dealer today and they wanted $300 just to diagnose the vehicle stating that the cause for the elevated diagnosis charge was due to the fact that there were so many different things going wrong with the car. However, I tend to think that all these symptoms are coming from the same source of illness.. maybe the pcm? But that's just a guess on my part. Has anybody out there experienced this or if anyone has any advice I'd be extremely grateful. HELP!!!!!!!!

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