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after running the car for 40 min I shut it off, the car had 47 psi on the rail and after 5 min it lost 11 psi them after 15 min it lost 15 psi more is this normal? I puled off vacuum to the pressure regulator and plugged the hose when it was running with no increase from 39 psi but some days now it is 53 psi I thought when I pull vacuum it should go up 5 to 10 psi. I run - -6 and -9 ltr shorts look good  oscillate +-2 in 2 seconds  only code now p1300 and ox sensor unit not ready and same with evap scanner says ready individual pid for selecting these says these are not ready but if I hit the i/m button it says they are good.. I use a launch melinuem 90pro also it says short term b1-s1 meadings move and b2-s1 but b1-s2 and b2-s2 are locked on +98%, map is 4.568, maf .0349 b/s at 2400 rpm

2004 grand marquis

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What year car? Assuming it is a Crown Vic?  P1300 is a code I am unfamiliar with. Any other symptoms than the code? 

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