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'76 F100 Mystery Stripe

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I am restoring my late grandfathers f100 atm and in the near future we are going to repaint is cause it gas a whole new front end yada yada. Anyway i want to replace the stripe it has on the side [seen here] (https://imgur.com/gallery/a2eTqbT) but i cant find any infomation about this particular design, as far as i know it is original. Btw it is a "Custo 30 pounds to dollars m" trim from Australia.

Hope somebody might be able to shed some light on the origins and how to order a new one that can be fitted after it is painted. Thanks

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This appears to be an aftermarket stripe. I sold Fords in the 70's and still do. There used to be mobile vendors who would visit the dealerships, adding stripes, fender trim, door edge guards, etc.

Stripes could be a pinstripe or a wider stripe such as this one. Some made some unique, one -off designs. 

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