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LCD dash panels go off randomly

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Anyone else having this issue?   2017 Energi Platinum - started about 43000 miles, not often but as time goes on it's getting worse.    Now at almost 47500 miles, and it happens a lot.   Drove home the other night and was dark for 90% of the drive.    Been back to dealer three times, but since it throws no codes, they claim no problem - even though I showed them not only pictures but video too.  And it's only the two LCD screen on each side of the speedometer - nothing else.  Sync screen is fine, no issues there.

Dash LCDs off 001.jpg

Dash LCDs off 002.jpg

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Yes, also had the problem on my 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum (gas). The LCD screens on sides would go blank, along with the speedometer going to 0 even though I'm driving and the background lighting also going off.

It was a temporary event lasting ~3 seconds so I was never able to take a photo or video.


As far as dealership service experience, I'd say visit another one since I'm sure there is some sort of 'customer satisfaction program' about this.

I've had a different issue regarding my Sync 3 system map freezing often (but not all the time), and it helped to print out the various failures just like the photos above.

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