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2008 edge limited transmission swap

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Hi I have a 2008 Ford Edge limited with 150k miles.  My transmission is dead it needs to be fully replaced.  I’m good with cars I rebuild them as a hobby but I have not seen any discussion online about swapping the transmissions on these cars.  Has anybody done it, have advice or maybe know the costs involved.  Thanks 

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Strongly suggest you flush or replace the cooler and thermostat in the lines. 

You have to program in the new TRID (TRansmission IDentification) tag when you are done. You also have to reset KAM and perform the solenoid body relearn test drive. Probably would be a good idea to have the latest PCM calibration installed as well. 

The subframe has to be removed as well as the PTU if it is AWD and the rear catalyst as well.

The hard plastic backer and the seal for the cooler lines MUST be installed on the lines before you install the lines into the trans. 

The torque converter hub LOVES to stick in the back of the crank. 

Heat all exhaust nuts before you try and remove it.   

If you get a used/reman you need to make sure the fluid type matches your current trans. I believe they changed either late 2007 or mid year 2008, but don't quote me. SO if you have Mercon V, you have to install a Mercon V equipped trans. If it has Mercon LV, you have to install a Mercon LV equipped trans and use the correct fluid. 

You have to have a way to hold up the back of the engine while the trans is removed.

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