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Can you add cruise control to a 2005 F150XL, HECK YEAH YOU CAN!

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So, with my 2005 F150 XL, it is a fun truck that was inexpensive to buy and fun to tinker with. One thing I missed was that it didn't have cruise control. Minor issue, but when you get used to a feature, you kinda miss it. On a lark, I did a google search about adding cruise control figuring you need modules and steering columns and advanced programming degrees....wrong!!! All you need is the switches and harness in the wheel and a trip to your local Ford dealer. My wheel had blanks where the cruise control buttons would be so off to the "pick n pull" yard, $10 dollars (plus the $1 dollar lot fee) and a few minutes work later, I had the requisite switches with harness assembly. Get back home and pull the horn pad / airbag module aside, pop out the blanks, slide in the switches and wiring, plug it in. Put it all back together and take a quick trip down to my local Ford store. 20 minutes in the shop ($30.00) and the tech switches the speed control on in the PCM and EUREKA!!! I now have factory cruise control in my 2005 F150 XL for a total cost of less than $45 dollars!! Pretty nifty Ford!!!



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