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Eco Coach - Efficient Driving Assistant

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I am sure the feature is also present in the Aviator, and possibly also in the Escape/Corsair, but I will use this Explorer forum to get started.


Has any 2020 owners have experience they can share with the Eco Coach? It would be one of the instrument cluster view options such as below:


The green band shows what is an acceptable acceleration input for better fuel economy.

I am aware there are customers confused about it, but I would like to understand in detail what aspects that may be frustrating you, or if you use it at all.




You can an view in a score format:


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I am trying to find out any information as well.  I have a 2020 Escape Titanium that I drive in Eco mode most of the time.  During the gas price hikes, I was into "hyper-miling" (techniques to obtain mileage over the Ford estimates).  With my 2007 Focus, I was getting 45+mpg on highway and 39 or so city (Ann Arbor, MI).  I am still trying to find info online, but there is virtually nothing.

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