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maybe a dumb question........but

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on my new 2021 F250 with the 6.7 engine

It has the exhaust brake and ECO modes

I have a large rv with exhaust brake and you know when its engaged and can feel deceleration pretty well. when i select auto or On i have no idea if its engaging to slow the truck. does it only engage in conjunction with the service brakes or am i missing something?


the ECO mode when selected, what does it do? the book is vague at best



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From my understanding the exhaust brake in auto the computer controls it more and is more effective when also using cruse control. With the exhaust brake on, non auto, it is always on and not controlled by what the computer thinks you need. Second eco mode smooths out throttle response, you will find the truck does not accelerate as hard or as fast in eco mode. I can not notice any difference when driving down the highway in eco or normal.

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Posted (edited)

did a long trip to dealer this afternoon,  60 to 65 then slooooooow for road work. left the radio off so i could hear

left the engine exhaust brake in "ON" and it did help noticeably slow the truck and i could hear the engine change tone and the muffled  "new noise" from under hood


didnt use the "auto" mode



and i love the fact the ac, seat cooler, drive modes, etc save the settings so i dont have to re-select  when i restart

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