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Bypass defective evap temp thermistor preventing AC compressor from running


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AC compressor either does not run or short cycles.  Cause, defective AC evaperator thernistor sensor located deep inside plenum and requiring removal of entire dash.

Alternative fix, a 20 cent 36K resistor in the 16 pin blue or green connector located right behind the glove box. 

Open the glove box and gently push in at the rear right and left sides of the box to allow the box to come forward into the passenger compartment.

There may be a string preventing the box door from dropping down all the way.  You can pull it and dislodge the string for better access to the connector behind the door.

There are 2 connectors behind the glove box door. You want to work on the 16 pin blue or green one to the left. 

You need to get a resistor with a value of 36 K ohms (any value from 30 K to 40 K ohms will work) and place it in the connector.  I first removed the plug and found it easier to work with.  The pins to work with will be either pins 13 and 15, or 13 and 14.  Pin 16 is on the top row all the way to the left.  On my car I used pins 15 and 13, the second pin on the top row from the left and the fourth pin from the left.  On my connector there was no wire in space for pin 14.  On some other connectors you will find wires in pins 14 and 13.  the third and forth pins from the left on the top row of the connector.

I used a 36 K   1/4 watt resistor.  Any wattage resistor will work as there is very little current going through it.

Simply bend the wires on the resistor and place them in either pins 13 and 15 if there is no wire in space 14, or if a wire is in space 14 put the resistor in pins 13 and 14.

Doing this will fool the PCM which controls the compressor clutch and will allow the compressor to run. 

Replacing the defective thermistor might cost close to a thousand dollars to remove the entire dash. 

Don't give your hard earned cash to the Stealership.  Do it yourself in less than a half hour.

Resistors can be located online or at a store selling electronic components.



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