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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.

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Salary Employee.


Long time coming, but it was the right time for me to go.  A most interesting career around some most interesting projects.


Some of the highlights

Started Jan '99 as contract

Worked on the development of 2002 Thunderbird complete vehicle, developed a successful process for tracking engineering progression.

Worked on Ford 500, setting up a project support team for the CNE.  Saw one person go from FCG directly to LL6.  She was all about face time, and no substance.  Luckily she didn't last.

Short stint on minivan again for CNE

2005 Mustang, was there for the BATTLE over independent rear suspension, interim PMT lead as a contract engineer.

Worked for CNE on Flex/MLT - side note, CNE was on my extremely short list of high quality manager types.

Laid off in Jan '09 as contract, in the last wave to hit in that era.

Went back to school, picked up Masters in project management and MBA.

Starting back as contract Jan '11

Don't recall the 1st project, it never got off 1st base

Went into transmission working on superduty transmission, it was short term project

Went on to body project management on large body stamping dies.  Worked for one of the most flamboyant chief engineers in my entire career.  Watched him throw reams of paper up in the air during a director level meeting.

Jan '13, hired into transmission on superduty as project engineer.

Moved to Hybrid transmissions, and kind of found a niche that was good for Ford and myself.

While up to my eyeballs in project management on hybrid transmissions, given a special project to manage that IMO was the pinnacle of my career.  I did the electric rear drive proof of concept attached to a hybrid vehicle..  Essentially given 2 months to do a forecasted 6 month long project.  Not only was project finished on time, was actually finished a week or two early.  It was so successful, mgt decided to skip an entire phase (or two) of prototypes.  I received an award from Lincoln director of engineering for that project.  Had a panic just before mgt drive, and we had to do an emergency shipment back to allen park from MI UP.  It arrived and before I could even get down to allen park, the very minor issue was repaired and back on the truck to UP.  Literally it was a 45 minute repair.

Finished up on HF55 and BEV managing prototype builds.


It was a lot of fun, and stressful.  My supv said in a recent review, I have no idea what you do, I know things are getting done, and nobody is complaining, so I guess you're doing ok :)  Basically, give me a goal, give me the resources and help when I ask for it, other than that, just let me manage the projects.  Most supervisors were good with that.  The one I struggled with the most... well, he wasn't a fan favorite, even at the director level.  Long list of industry credentials, and performance awards.  Three awards stood out, one mentioned above, second was VP of engineering for navigating through covid shutdowns and not missing one single delivery to program, and lastly was from a LL6 for solving a problem that had them stymied.


I worked with some incredibly talented and highly intelligent people.  Without their direct and indirect support, I wouldn't have been 1/10 as successful.  Finished up working for a great LL6 and LL4 (who should be a LL2), and the LL2


Already on to my next life stage, dragging a 5th wheel around the country.

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