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Older 20/21 Max Platinum vs. Newer 22/23/24 Max Limited/XLT

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Our growing family is torn on whether or not to purchase an "older" (20/21) Expedition Max Platinum go with a newer 22/23 XLT/Limited. Both seem to price out about the same. We have done extensive large SUV research and know definitely we want a Ford vs. GM/GMC. 


We are drawn to Max Platinum features like upscale interior details and things like power deployable running boards, but with how fast technology changes these days I'm wondering if the entertainment dash systems in the 20/21 will quickly become outdated and therefore it's better to just go with the new and forego any platinum-like features.  Our budget is $60-$70k, of course the less we can spend the better. We also considered a use Lincoln Nav but it feels a bit too showy for us.. But again, open to feedback here. 


How would you proceed and why? Are there other factors we should consider as we narrow down our decision?


We've very much enjoyed reading the posts on this forum so we appreciate any insight. Thank you. 




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I'm going to be as honest as I can since my spouse and I were coming off something similar.  What I'll do is detail our journey with how it started and how it ended...for now.


Our journey started with a used 09 nav, after test driving an 10 expy el, we decided on the nav for its smoother ride and power delivery.  We loved it, but I knew I wanted the 4th gen and ordered an expy ltd as soon as the order banks opened.  I didnt spring for the platinum as I didnt think we'd need the extra features but we were able to test drive one and it was phenomenal.  Wished I got it.  But after taking delivery of the ltd and going through some first build growing pains, we loved it even more.  After 2 yrs, we were sent to guam, and turned in the truck(leased).  During that time, we tested gm and jeep fs trucks and even bought a Nissan armada, which we liked a lot.  All that to say we have a good amount of experience in owning fs suvs.  Now for the part your looking for.


When we came back to the states, my wife and I decided if we were to get another fs suv, we want a ford.  Gms were nice,  but mushy brake and uncomfy seats threw that out, and jeeps are over priced and untested for now.  Nissan freshening was less thorough than fords and terrible fe threw that out as well.  Was looking for a 22 platinum expy, but none around.  Was free and saw a 22 nav, and wife instantly fell in love with the comfort, ride and layout.    After that, a platty became available, so we looked at it, and left a bit underwhelmed, I'll explain below.  So, nav it was.  After we couldnt find a 22 nav we wanted (no dealer would move on price, and standard trims were a dime a dozen), we saw a 20 reserve and wanted to see the difference btw it and the refreshed nav.  Went to take a look, and ended up taking it home.  


All this to say, in my humble opinion, with your budget, if you can find a reserve my20 - 21 nav btw 35 and 60k miles I'd go that route.  The expy is a great truck, but I will say that after owning my 18 and testing a 22, it just doesn't feel finished.  This will especially feel prevalent on the 22s, as the material quality went down and hard plastic usage went up.  The seats in our nav though not the 30 way, are supremely comfy.  It's also quieter than an equivalent expy in all rows of seats. We tested a 22 expy king ranch and platty, both had ccd, no limited or xlt, however, our 18 didn't have ccd.  I strongly recommend ccd, even on 22in wheels.  Ccd is fords magnet ride adjustable dampers, and it rides markedly better than no ccd, albeit with some floatiness.  The base springs ride a tad too firm for a passenger car in my opinion.  The nav ccd rides even better than the expy ccd as well(not much, but noticeably).  The sync 3, though slightly slow and archaic still works well and the pre refresh nav has a 10in screen rather than 8in on the expy, so its easier to read.  Also, the 22 expy dropped the multi color ambient lighting for all trims.  The new trucks sync 4 have a faster, smoother ui with wireless android auto/carplay.  We didn't test the 12in screen on the expy, the 15in works well, but wasn't as easy to use as I'd like.  The 22 nav and it's 13in screen and ui looks better, works much better and has better placed controls.  The pre refresh expy is still the most user friendly of the bunch, but the nav brings the controls to a closer reach.  The interior materials btw the pre and post refresh nav aren't much different.  Except the piano black plastic scratches and aged leather smell, it still looks and feels newish.  The platty expy is over 80k, but the Interior isn't much more posh than the ltd trim.  Though, it seems like the nav is flashy, the look in person is actually svelte and refined.  It doesn't scream expensive, but def earns respect.  And the interior feels more cohesive and organic in design compared to both the pre/post refresh expy.


I hope this lengthy post does a good job with aiding your decision.  I was surprised to end up with what I have, and outside of its highest mileage a feature envy (would've rele liked heads up display, premium audio, 2nd row vented seats), we are supremely satisfied with our 20 nav.  Though rwd, we got ours for 50k to include a 5 year warranty.  I see my20 navs with 40k miles going for 60k in sc,  less for more, more for less, with prices dropping.  But that maybe different in your area.


Good luck.

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