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2022 Ford Edge Titanium Elite issues


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I have had my ‘22 Edge to the ford dealership 3 times now and have another appointment scheduled.  Each time there are no codes and they “can’t replicate the issue”, yet as soon as I leave the vehicle does it again.


1.  Every now and then, no rhyme or reason, when using one of the blinkers on the instrument cluster blinks real fast about 2-3 times and then goes to normal blinking.  It can be both left or right.


2. Sometimes I get a message pop up on instrument cluster that s mode isn’t available in selected gear when I am put car in park, even though I haven’t pushed the S button on the gear knob.


3. Sometimes I also get a message pop up on instrument cluster about seat memory not available in drive mode, even though I haven’t pushed the seat buttons.


4.  The seat heater won’t turn off sometimes and I have to go to cool seats and the to off to get them to turn off.


5. And now recently, twice the speakers on the whole drivers side of the car just don’t work.  The first I turned car off and back on and they came back on.  Second time I reset the infotainment system and they came back on.


Anyone else have these issues???  Or know what I can tell the dealership to check.  They keep saying there is no issue and the blinkers are driving me crazy!

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My 2021 Edge ST has the same issue where it blinks really fast for about 3-4 times, and then is normal, but does NOT do this all the time. I can't say I have  noticed any other issues with the electronics.

I would like to know the answers as well.

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Thanks for the feedback.  My appt isn’t until May.

The first trip to dealership a year ago they found a bent pin on the gateway module and put a new one in, but that didn’t fix any of my issues and they haven’t found anything else.

I’ll add anything they do when I take it in.

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Was able to get a video of the blinker issue with my car and provided that to the dealership and to Ford Corporate because I filed a claim with them to help dealership out because of previous, we can’t do anything.


They had my car for two weeks.  They still couldn’t replicate, said they can’t fix anything unless they have a code.

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