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2019 Mustang GT California Special Parts Help


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Hi, my name is John and I recently purchased a 2019 GT/CS. I have 2 projects I would like to complete and could use assistance I may only be able to get here:


1) Seat Repair

I need to repair a small tear in both the front driver and rear seat(the seat not the seat back). I have been to several dealerships and spent much time on Ford OEM part websites trying to identify the correct part number for the seat covers I need(yes, I have entered my VIN). The seats are unique to the CS as they use Miko perforated suede inserts. Miko is an Italian company that was purchased by Sage Automotive Interiors. The material is also referred to as Dinamicamiko. I would like to either locate the correct seat part numbers or purchase several yards of this material to effect repairs to my seats. I have also considered looking on EBAY for takeoffs but this is a much less desirable option.


2) Installation of the "Gauge Pack" gauges

Ford offered a Gauge Pack option that installed 2 gauges(oil pressure and Vacuum/Boost) in place of the center HVAC duct diffuser. I have located the gauge module on the Ford Performance website, however, I am having difficulty identifying the correct trim piece to match my existing trim. Please see the picture below:


Any help would be much appreciated, Thank You!



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So I was able to determine that the Instrument Panel trim style is "Diamond Plate Aluminum". It was listed on page 19/22 in the 2017 Mustang Sales brochure. The part number appears to be, GR3Z-6304338-AM, still ned to validate this one has the proper configuration for the gauge cluster and proper finish. 


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