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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


Sudden power loss

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Ok so 2010 f350 v10 cruising right down the highway at 80mph for about 45 min then falls on its face can’t go over 30 lightly floating the petal barely like 1/8” pedal movement any more back on its face. Codes thrown were for fuel rail pressure sensor and random cylinder misfire. Recent new filter since then still the same issue. Unplugged the rail sensor. Can get up to 60-70 gently on the pedal till it randomly face down till about 30mpg or so if I shut it off then restart lasts about 15 min as long as no up hill or back on it face. Codes thrown for fuel rail being in plugged but no more misfire but not much throttle power since the rail sensor not sending proper mixture to the injectors. Been this way for 4 days now had to think it’s the fuel pump in my past experience they usually don’t give that kinda warning they just stop. Not sure if has that teabag filter in the pump could be clogged ? Or the rail sesor faulty any thoughts 

Currently can drive it up to 60 -70mph as long as I don’t get down on it and ease into it half throttle max

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Have you ever replaced the spark plug coils (coil-on-plugs)?  If even one is bad it will throw all kinds of odd codes.  When they go bad, they can’t produce the power needed for harder acceleration, but they will produce enough for slow and gentle acceleration.  If you have never replaced them, it is past due and should be done regardless.  

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