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Hello all! I wanted to pop on here and see if anyone has experienced what I’m experiencing now with my 2019 Fusion 1.5 ecoboost. I noticed a faint rattling noise under the hood a couple of weeks ago when I remote started the car. I should mention though, I’ve never heard the sound until after I took it to my local Ford dealership to get an oil change.  Anyways, the first time I heard it, I had no choice but to drive it home after work. But by the time I got home I didn’t hear the noise anymore. Then a couple of days later after I had been driving for a while (warm engine) I noticed the sound again. It’s not a very obvious “SOMETHING’S WRONG” sound but I noticed it and got concerned. I took it to the dealership and they’re saying I need a new turbocharger. But I watched tons of videos of what bad turbos sound like on ecoboost engines and mine doesn’t sound as bad as those in the videos I’ve seen. Again, mine is a faint loose/rattling/valvetrain sound, not so much a loud metallic rattle. Unless they’re in fact correct, and I just caught it early? Thanks in advance for your help/expertise!

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Have you or the dealership hooked up a code reader?  Is the car throwing any codes?  Any smoke out the tailpipe?  If the turbo is bad you'll typically get a code, and maybe white smoke for example.  What you describe could just as easily be a loose hose or something, it's hard to say without knowing more.  Did they trace the sound to see exactly where it's coming from?  That would help determine what the cause was.

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