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2018 Navigator Issue

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Good evening, 


I'm having an issue with my navigator. 


I've had no issues really and it has 87k miles. 





This issue I am having is when I do a cold start, it's a bit rough when I crank. No issues afterwards, drives like a dream minus the crummy roads I drive on in my home state. 


However, just that cold start is rough. 


The coolant was low..I mean very low and it was never topped off at the oil change, and I'm not sure if that's played a part. 


I have no warning lights, no other issues, no smoke, no skipping gears, or anything else. 


I read the manual about fuel and performance so I switched and hoping that works. 


Any ideas? 


Anytime I crank up afterwards, there are no issues whatsoever, it cranks up perfectly fine and very smooth. It's just that first crank in the morning

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I don't know what engine you have, or how cold is cold, but generally, worn or fouled spark plugs could be the issue. At 87k it is probably due for new plugs. A cold start, regardless of the actual temperature, usually means a richer fuel mixture than at normal operating temps; think choke. Old plugs may initially have a harder time firing the richer, more dense fuel mixture. Old plug wires and coils can cause misfiring, but this would tend to be constant over all rpms.

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