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MKZ Hybrid still reliable?

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Hey guys, looking to to buy a hybrid version. There are not a lot of Lincolns on the market.  However, I still could find a car around 50k miles. 

I'm in CA. What do you think how reliable this car is? I saw that a lot of parts could be used from Ford Fusion which is good because there are a lot of Fords on the road. But I have a few concerns:

1) What do I have to check first thing before I buy?

2) What are the weakest parts? Transmission? Hybrid? Engine? 

3) How much to replace a hybrid battery?

4) Could be all parts used from Ford?

For bulletproof hybrid of course I could buy a Lexus, but I have\had them and want something different

So I need your thoughts - is it a good idea to buy it or do I have to run?

And let's say 50k miles are ok so what about 75-90k miles? I need a car for everyday use for a few years. 

Thank you! 

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The MKZ Hybrid is considered to be the most reliable version of the MKZ in the MKZ circles I am in online.  Powertrain is pretty flawless there are other issues you would have to keep an eye on.


If you are looking at 2013-2020 the common weak points are if it has a panoramic sunroof the sunshade tends to fail on them and can cost about 2100 to fix if it does.

Other items are the LED accent lighting strips in the headlights on the 17-20s can fail and you will have to replace the entire headlight which can be expensive depending on which headlight you have (HID vs LED)

If you are looking at a 2013-2016 I highly recommended looking into a Sync 3 upgrade from allthingsync.com so you can get apple carplay/android auto, plus the Sync 3 system is worlds better than Sync 2.

2013-2016 MKZs captive touch panels can be buggy and if they go, they can be pricey to replace and in most cases a junk yard run is a lot cheaper.


If you can get an extended warranty I would do it to prevent some electrical gremlins.

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Used to have the 2020 MKZ Hybrid... had it for almost 3 years, and if I had to say something negative about it, was the low profile tires.  Started out with Michelins, tried the cheaper Continentals,hated them so I went back to Michelins...

most all is positive as far as the 2020 (Lincoln made the 2020 as the last of them)


So all in all, it was a good car for me...


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