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  1. hwyman3

    GM accuses FCA of Corrupt Bargaining

    Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles
  2. That would make sense to me since the remainder of F-series has moved on to the Aluminum cab.
  3. I just looked it up and, yes, the PSI is available in the ICBus.
  4. I have to agree that Navistar is definitely has the most to gain in the relationship. Their first attempt at class 4-5 failed with the Terrastar, and they are getting access to the GM Parts bin that will eventually give them a gasoline engine option they did not have before. My biggest question is what engine is GM going to use in the new medium duty line when they do offer a gas engine to compete with the new 7.3 gasser?
  5. I always loved the LTL-9000. They were some of the best looking conventional built.
  6. I think eventually, they will have to use the current F-150 through 550 cab on the 650/750. Like 7Mary3 said, am either modified current tilt hood or a new hood would be minimal change. It might require a little design work, but I would think going from 3 different cabs to 2 at OAP would make sense.
  7. We had 2 departments in my area try the Terrastars. One has already been retired. Both have left International since, one went to ford, the other Freightliner. Everyone in this area houses mediums went Freightliner. Pickup based are mostly Ford, with some Ram mixed in.
  8. I was thinking this when GM did the last generation of the Kodiak/Top Kick, that the tilt hood for Class 4 and up was a good idea and was a plus for GM over Ford. Granted, GM's bankruptcy probably had more to do with killing off the last generation of GM Mediums. They were popular around here for Ambulances and I still see a few still in service as rollbacks. I still haven't seen the GM/International mediums on the road around here. Prince George's County, Maryland (outside Washington, DC) just ordered 8 new ambulances on the new Chevrolet Medium chassis. The past few years they have been splitting their orders between Freightliner and Ram.
  9. Another area you could expand the 9.0L Ecotorq beyond F650/750, F53, F59 would also be the existing relationship Ford has with Fire Apparatus Maker Pierce. The 6.7L Powerstroke/6-Speed Torqshift Transmission is currently an option in one fo their custom chassis, the Saber. The other option is the Cummins L9
  10. hwyman3

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    I think you may be on to something here. I could see a Ford/Honda merger, at least on paper, as both has something the other doesn't, Honda brings cars/minivans to the table and Ford brings trucks. The two biggest challenges would be 1). I don't think the Japanese Government would allow that much foreign ownership of Honda. Even when Ford had Mazda, wasn't Ford limited to something like 33%? 2). I don't think the corporate cultures at either company would get along very well.
  11. From what I understand, you are correct, International did the engineering and provides the frames and axles. Pretty much everything else comes from GM's parts bin. It does help International not only spread out unit costs, but also gives them access to engines other than their own or Cummins. Everybody knows how much trouble International has had with it's own internal engine program. Finally, it gives International access to gasoline engines (according to a Chevrolet rep at the Builder's Show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet IS planning on adding a gasoline engine to the mediums). Chevrolet gets back into the medium game for minimal effort.
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/toyota-tundra-loses-consumer-reports-recommendation-after-disappointing-crash-test-result
  13. All I can say is WOW!
  14. I think International is getting ready for a new class 6-7 truck, as the MV/Durastar/4400, whatever they are calling it this week is getting pretty long in the tooth. Granted, I realize mediums don't have the refresh cycle of smaller trucks, but it is still pretty old. When did it come out, early 2000s? The only reason I can see for International giving GM a version of the new class 6-7 is to get a gasoline engine for the class 6-7s, to further compete with Ford.
  15. From what I can see, the MV is just the renamed DuraStar/4400 from before. Pretty much the same medium they have been building for years.