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  1. I am attending it now. To be honest, I am very disappointed in Ford's display. There is NO Bronco here, there do have the new Mach I, and 2021 F-150.
  2. Sabre is a more moderately priced chassis in the Pierce lineup, and I use moderate loosely. As was previously stated, NFPA basically killed commercial chassis fire apparatus, with the exception of Takers and Rescues. Even the Rescues are moving towards custom chassis. Used to be common to see a Pete with a big rescue box on the back, now they are almost all customs, at least around here. Also, Spartan Motors recently sold it's Emergency Vehicle line to REV Group, which owns a few fire apparatus and sever ambulance manufacturers. I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing more custom chassis Ambulances after that move. I saw someone post about a reworked C-Series from Ford. Did Ford keep the rights to the C-Series in the sale to Freightliner? To be honest, I'm not sure how well Ford could compete with the current crop of apparatus manufacturers. Pierce is owned by Oshkosh, E-One, KME, Ferrera and now Spartan are owned by REV Group. Seagrave is still around, but I'm not sure Ford could afford them. That's pretty much the major players anymore. Similar to Ford getting back into the bus business, about the only one left for them is Blue Bird. Again, not sure if that would be the best move for them.
  3. Yes is was the Pierce Saber chassis the 6.7 was offered. I know a couple were built, but I don't think they sold many.
  4. I looked at the Pierce website and they no longer list the PowerStroke as an available engine in their custom chassis.
  5. That was my thought. I think Ford learned a tough lesson with the Fusion/Futura issue.
  6. Blue Bird would be the logical choice, if Ford were to buy a bus manufacturer. They are the last of the big 3 in buses not currently owned by a truck manufacturer (Thomas is owned by Freightliner, IC (the old Ward and AmTran) is International. The only change I would make at Blue Bird would be to start using the F-650 chassis as a basis for the Vision bus (Blue Bird's conventional). As for Ford partnering with Rosenbauer, I really don't see that happening. Fire Apparatus on commercial chassis are slowly becoming extinct. For one, the apparatus manufacturers are more interested in selling their own chassis, much greater profit margin. Second, every department these days wants you to build their truck, not them buying yours. Everything is pretty much custom built anymore. Third, the NFPA guidelines for apparatus has further pushed commercial chassis out of the market. Finally, there has been a huge consolidation in the apparatus market. REV Group already owns E-One, KME, Ferrara, and they just bought Spartan ERV. REV also has 8 different Ambulance builders. In the days when the Ford C-Series ruled the fire engine market, the apparatus builders weren't building their own chassis (except for Mack who exited the fire market in the early 90s).
  7. I find it funny that there was not a 7.3L equipped truck nor an F-600 or higher on display. Also no Ranger, and only a Transit Cutaway van
  8. I was just at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas. On display were trucks from Ford, Chevrolet and Ram. No one brought anything heavier than a Class 5. Last year, Ford had a F-650 Dump truck on display. Ford an F-550, Chevrolet had a 5500 and Ram had the Ram 5500. I did notice that on the Silverado 5500, it was a Duramax and the clean idle certification sticker on it was labeled International. I found that a little odd, since it is a GM engine.
  9. That is pretty sweet!
  10. LOL, stupid autocorrect, but then again, I-95 will have the effect on you! LOL
  11. Just returned from Myrtle Beach with the RV. Cursing up I-95, I passed PJ's Truck Bodies in Dunn, NC. Several trucks were there waiting to be completed. What I saw there, granted, I didn't take time to stop, but from what I could see on the road driving by were mostly F-350 through 550's50's waiting to be completed. There were some Avon Lake 650/750s there, not sure of the mix and a few of the new GM/Navistar MDs there.
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    GM accuses FCA of Corrupt Bargaining

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