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  1. Hey Locals, what days are your ratification meetings and voting days? KY Local 862 KTP/LAP: Sun Nov 10, 7a-10p All the same day, (6) 1 1/2 hr meetings All on a holiday weekend with 1 shift running a full 10+ hr shift. All at 1 of our union halls, the farthest from the biggest plant. Hmm, why not have the meetings on the Sunday but allow the voting at both Halls on a Tues/Wed? The IUAW allowed until Friday Nov 15th. What about the rest of you?
  2. Tradesmen, I'd like to have a Tradesman from each plant that has AWS name your plant, and what version of AWS you have. In other words are you on a 4 on-4 off, a 5-4-3-2, etc. Did you have a choice on your version? Thank you, KTP
  3. Looking for information! What is the policy/language on working or not working overtime with restrictions? Is there language? Does it depend on the restriction? Plant by Plant basis? Does it fall under available work? Production can not work OT with restrictions at my Plant, but maintenance is allowed if there's work available (Groundman, etc.) . I've known other Plants that neither could work OT with restrictions. Anything?
  4. Firefly

    What are hourly out of pocket benefit costs?

    Don't be a Hater, go back to school and get an education and become a Tradesman.
  5. Congratulations Sister Settles! Your actions are splintering this membership; I believe the Company set you up! They expect you to sell this mess just like they expected Gettlefinger to sell the last one! IMO Ford can rely on the IUAW to do what they couldn't do themselves! Grow a pair and let King know He's out of touch with this membership!
  6. Firefly

    Gary W. admits to Leadership

    Brother Settles visited KTP about a month before the contract to get a feel of what the workers wanted. He slinked in at late evening, talked to a few people and was long gone. Assembly line workers were waiting to speak to him. Thanks SISTER Settles.
  7. The employees at Kentucky Truck are being forced to vote inside the plant for the first time! In an area right outside the Dbl glass doors leading to Labor! WTF!!!! The electronic machines will sit there for 2 days! One month on the negotiating team has tarnished our Chairman if he's really ok with this!
  8. Firefly

    Ford is getting ready

    Agreed! Most of us had family that went through the strikes at Ford to gain what we gave up; it's time to get some of it back. I'm not calling for a strike, but this current offer needs to be sent back and stamped NOT ACCEPTABLE! We can't afford to make our temporary concessions permanent! Alan Mullaly is definitely calling the shots, this definitely smells like Boeing Boy! If we would not have given concessions and the company would have been forced to declare bankruptcy, a Federal judge would have taken control of the company and put it into receivership; thus the Ford Family would have lost their company. By not restoring some of our temporary concessions Ford Motor Company is telling me that they never needed the concessions, or are at least totally non-appreciative. IUAW, are you stupid? You're on the verge of a Spring Revolution from your membership! Ford made patsy"s out of you! So embarrassing! Please don't waste our dues money in Voting Booths, Lost Time, Travel, etc for this garbage.
  9. Firefly

    YES or NO on this contract?

    Kentucky Truck says NO! http://scottrlap.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=rumors
  10. Firefly

    Your top 3 contract issues

    One seniority--HIRE IN DATE----for all things including trades. That would get several hundred YES votes at my plant without a dime increase.
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    What a Dick
  12. Firefly

    Question about the KY Zone

    Hey Frank. Evansville may be out of the KTP/LAP zone but is amalgamated with the 2 of them, UAW Local 862. Don't worry, with your seniority you'll eventually have a decent job; although not as good as you have now!
  13. Firefly

    Support the UAW at Boeing

    Support Boeing, UAW workers, and The United States of America! http://www.realamericantankers.com/
  14. Firefly

    KTP OFF for another week!!

    Would you care to elaborate?
  15. Firefly

    KTP OFF for another week!!

    What you meant to say was that WE ALL just crapped out at the table in Vegas, er more like California. How is paying an entire Assembly Plant to sit for a week a big win? The 2011 Super Duty launch was scheduled for Monday with the 6.7 Ford Turbo Diesel Engine (codename Scorpion) to be the centerpiece. The truck reportedly met all U.S. mandated EPA Standards with it's new Urea system but not California Regulations. The new mandated Urea system is used to scrub pollutants from diesel exhaust; the engine is designed to run at a reduced capacity if the owner fails to fill the Urea tank (uses about 5 gal per 12,000 miles?) Supposedly (Rumor Mill) California wants a kill switch if the tank is not filled? This is a shame if it is indeed the reason, it's a GREAT truck. Yes we all like to be off with pay, but not like this. With ToYo and Honda on their heels having your most profitable vehicle and employees on idle isn't the best business case.