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  1. Is there any plan on a Sport Tac in the future of the Explorer ??
  2. gafry

    2015 Gas Mileage

    Does anyone know the gas mileage of the new 2015 F150?? Dodge is boosting 28 mpg
  3. gafry


    Henry Ford started to make cars and I am sure a lot of people thought that was stupid. People want small trucks and if Ford won't build them they will buy GM, Toyoto, or Nissan small trucks. I see those companies are also looking into diesel engines for better gas mileage. Mr. Kirby has his opinion but there are thousands of Ford Rangers on the road today and there will be small trucks on the road in the future. WILL FORD GET THE MESSAGE ???
  4. gafry


    Yes you are right it is about size. My wife does not like the F150 I got but when the 2011 Ranger sell went sour we bought a 2013 left over F150 STX. If you live some place with limited parking a big truck is a problem. GM is coming out with a new smaller truck and I don't think they plan on lossing money making it.
  5. gafry

    2013 STX 5.0 Engine

    Just got a new 2013 STX extended cab with the 5.0 engine. I am getting 17.8 mpg going to work and not 1k miles on it. Hope for better this summer. Lover the 5.0 power the truck gets up and goes when you want it to. My 2005 stx 4.6 was a dog.
  6. gafry


    Just bought a new 2013 STX F150 5.0 engine. I get 17.8 MPG on it going to work and hope for better this summer. Love this Truck and the engine power.
  7. gafry


    The used Rangers are going for a premium dollar and are still used in many companies. The Sportrac is also going for a premium and is in demand as a used vehicle. Maybe someone will see this and make a 2015 Ford Sportrac with good mileage or New Ranger
  8. gafry


    there are many posts on the web that Ford may bring back the Ranger in 2015 as a 30 mpg small truck ?? any news out there on this info??
  9. gafry

    2015 FORD RANGER ???????

    On the web several sites claim that Ford may bring back the Ranger in 2015 as a unibody small truck ?? Some site claim a 30 mpg small truck who know any info out there??
  10. gafry

    1.6 litre eco boost Escape engine

    Why does the 1.6L engine use coolant?Were is the engine coolant going cylinder head??
  11. gafry

    2013 Ford Escape Recalled for 7th Time

    I will never agin buy a new product from FORD. This is my 11th Ford product and worst one I have bought so far. The Escape is not great on as mileage unless you drive like an old lady. The automatic shaift all the time and it is bad when starting cold. I would recommend buying another brand of small SUV.
  12. gafry

    2015 Mustang is here

    the new 2015 Mustang was shown in the car and driver magazine http://www.gtspirit.com/2013/10/27/2015-ford-mustang-leaked-in-decmbers-car-and-driver-magazine-cover/
  13. Ford should drop NASCAR also the racing their is a joke and NASCAR picks the winners.