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  1. Autoline Detroit - This is Autoline Daily for May 31, 2011. And now, the news. MORE PLANT CLOSINGS!! Even though GM and Ford are recovering quickly in the American market, making billions in profits and hiring back thousands of workers, they still want to close more assembly plants where they have slow-selling models. Bloomberg reports GM wants to close its plants in Shreveport, Louisiana, where it makes the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon . . . and its plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, where it makes midsize trucks . . . as well as the Saturn plant in Tennessee, which is sitting empty. Ford wants to close a plant in Minnesota where it makes the Ranger as well as the Flat Rock plant in Michigan that makes the Mustang and a plant in Ohio that makes the Econoline vans. Presumably Ford would move the Mustang and Econoline to other plants. And it's entirely likely GM will move some other production into the former Saturn plant. And you can be sure that the fact this information has come out now has to do with the UAW contract negotiations that will start this summer. Ford and GM done laid down some bargainin' chips
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    OHAP's Future

    Will Ohio Assembly Plant survive? :party2: Or will it be 3 years and the end? :rip:
  3. Is this the start of Ford's vengeance on the UAW hourly employees?
  4. Heard a information from someone at Ohio Assembly Plant that they were slated to close in 2012? Is this true?
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    plants to close

    What is Level....Level...Level?
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    You "LORAIN/OHIO ASSEMBLY" folk can't take on serious topics! Why hasn't anyone commented on the latest Ford/UAW news reports. Is this topic to serious for you people! You complain and conflict with each other over trivial issues, but when something serious is released you people are as quiet as church mice! Why not take a stand when it really matters!!! "Workers at the Ohio Assembly Plant did ratify a competitive operating agreement, but a source said the plant is still uncompetitive." On the bubble: These Ford assembly plants have been targeted for possible closure: Wayne Stamping and Assembly Plant: Wayne; Focus "Ohio Assembly Plant, Avon Lake, Ohio; E-series vans" Chicago Assembly Plant: Chicago; Taurus, Taurus X, Mercury Sable St. Thomas Assembly: St. Thomas, Ontario; Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis
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    Toyota no longer lives in fear of UAW

    So I guess the people elected Bush twice and decided to commit a majority of our budget to the Iraq War diverting the funds away education, social programs, and the national infrastructure. Oh need we forget about the "Patriot Act". A government which supports its citizens would not allow jobs to leave, lack of healthcare, and so on! So, my friend it is you whom of lives in a paradoxical USA!
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    Toyota no longer lives in fear of UAW

    Only time will tell what will happen, but it is the anti-American journalists and analysts, most of which were Bless to have UAW or other Unionize parents pay for their non-deserving educations. These people have never supported anyone or anything remotely American. It is becuase of Unionized Labor this never became a Third World economy. This country was not brought into this state of condition overnite, but through years capitalistic greed! For too long we have been guilty of placing emphasis on the wrong items while others are increasingly stealing our opportunities, freedoms, and liberties. Our goverment must support its citizens before there are no citizens or country to support it! Our elected officials should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this once great country to depreciate into its current state! GOD save us all!!