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  1. The so-called mini console? I don't believe so. I found a copy of the owners manual. See if the answer to your question is in there. 2020-Ford-Explorer-GasHEV-Owners-Manual-version-2_om_EN-US_06_2019.pdf
  2. Len_A

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    This may be what's happening with yours: https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/09/13/ford-2020-explorer-lincoln-aviator-delivery/2292795001/
  3. Len_A

    Build quality worries

    I was exchanging emails all day Friday, and then over the weekend, with Ms. Howard. She has a lot of sources inside Ford that are anonymously feeding her information. She's not that naive - it isn't just that there are new model birthing pains. It's Ford having so many repairs, that CAP can't handle them - physically running out of space. Even I'm shocked at how many problems they're having with the Explorer and Aviator. I've had three products, over the years, built at CAP, two of them first year models, and even with first model year blues, it was nothing like this.
  4. I enjoy talking about Ford and Ford vehicles, but the Off Topic forum WAS set up for political discussions, and I know that for an absolute fact, because it happened right after I posted a political post in the Employees forum that they created the Off Topic and moved that thread. That happened some time prior to 2003. Then the Off Topic became very heated, very politically charged. Then they dropped the hammer, due to a lot of personal attacks, and then this forum lost a lot of people who felt that there were too many restrictions on what the felt were their free speech rights, not acknowledging that, essentially, BOF is private property, and as such, can impose whatever rules they want. Not the first time I've seen this. One other website I used to frequent completely deleted the politics forum, rather than attempt to moderate it. Again, their property, their rights. I acknowledge it, but I don't have to like it.
  5. I like the back-and-forth of the political discussions. Frankly, without them, this place became kind of dull. That's one reason I'm not around as much, and if you look back far enough, I was a prolific poster of all things political.
  6. Yes, I do miss them. They were fun in a twisted sort of way.
  7. Len_A

    Clay Bar Recommendations

    One alternative to clay bars are the synthetic pads/mitts like this one: https://www.autogeek.net/griots-garage-fine-prep-mitt.html Two advantages - last way longer than clay and if you drop them, while using them, you just rinse them off, and get back to work.
  8. You're right. Was true for 2018. They can keep their Active-X. I hate vinyl. And I'll add that bring back vinyl, under any name, is not a desirable change, in my book. I'd rather have cloth.
  9. 2019 and 2018 Explorer XLT had leather available as part of the Comfort Package, which in turn, is part of Package 202A. 2019MY Explorer Order Guide, page 19.pdf
  10. Don't like the lack of leather in the XLT. Active-X material replaces leather in the XLT's - otherwise known as vinyl. Yuck. Leather standard on Limited, ST, and Platinum.
  11. Len_A

    Focus Active Canceled!

    You can't resolve it, not quickly anyway. You think POTUS knows what he's doing on this? Farmers are already getting hammered on multiple fronts, with foreign customers going else where for soybeans, corn and pork, among other commodities, Trumps multi billion dollar one time bail out for farmers doesn't even come close enough to help them (their words, not mine). My industry is seeing some softening of demand due to price increases. Plugging the hole by printing money - we agree, that's a nonstarter. There is no readily available solution. The absolute FACT is that our exports have dropped a little, over the last few months, and our imports went UP, even with Trumps stupid-ass tariffs (all of it in consumer goods). A solution for solving the trade deficit? Short of a massive recession to cut demand, that out strips U.S. suppliers capacity to manufacture at low prices that the market is demanding? Never going to happen. The fact is we have whole low price retail, on line and brick & mortar, built around cheap supply from Asia, including, but not limited, to China. Another fact is that the international auto industry's supply chain is built around different parts, coming from different countries, moving back and forth across international borders. This administrations moves to cut imports is disrupting a supply chain that can never move production quickly. Once a country of origin changes, on any vehicle part, due diligence demands long term testing for product liability and warranty liability reasons, plus anything in the power train has to meet further testing for emissions reasons. Those conditions are chiseled in stone, with very, very few exceptions. Parts supplier's contracts no longer allow for price increases due to raw material price increases, so now some suppliers very existence is threatened. So resolve a huge trade deficit without it hurting a little? Can't be done, and it won't hurt a little - it'll hurt a lot and contribute to cause or exacerbating the next downturn.
  12. Len_A

    Focus Active Canceled!

    Well I'm not. no one wins in a trade war, and Ford, and the UAW, are already getting hammered in (more) political forums, by the usual non auto industry employee crowd, complaining that this further puts new cars out of their grasp, to the benefit of more highly paid hourly & salaried Ford workers. Doesn't matter one iota that the union had exactly zip to do with this decision, and that this was never going to be a big seller anyway. In the meantime, my industrial sales organization is going through our second round - SECOND freaking round already - of price hikes and surcharges, due to steel and aluminum prices going up. Our product line is 95% plus American made, and the net result is customers are postponing or canceling orders if existing equipment can be repairs or jury-rigged to continue to work. And a full third of our customers are Tier One & Tier Two auto parts suppliers. So, no. I'm not with the administration or any of their supporters on this. Not one damn bit.
  13. Len_A

    Focus Active Canceled!

    https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/2018/08/31/citing-trade-war-ford-cancels-plan-import-small-suv-china/1156427002/ https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2018/08/31/ford-wont-sell-new-focus-crossover-u-s/1156315002/
  14. Len_A

    Removing Sync System?

    Not of this current MKX center console stack trim removal. I spent a half an hour searching on YouTube and closest I found was 4dtech's video on the 2015 MKZ center console stack trim & touchscreen removal.
  15. Aftermarket only. Y'all get a WalMart gift card for one!!