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  1. yesguitarman

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    Yes, my bad. I was just going to correct that but you beat me to it. It was six months.
  2. yesguitarman

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    You need 15 posts on this website to be able to use the tracking forum. I didn't have enough. Nonetheless, status for my VIN changed this morning to: Released, Awaiting Shipment! It only took nine months from placement of order. Hooray!
  3. I know that's my Explorer vehicle order used in the article. They must have gotten the VIN which I posted on this forum and entered it into the German muscle car tracking website. I can tell by the order and build dates, which are the dates for my VIN. Hopefully, I see the Explorer delivered by Christmas and all of the issues are addressed. The one that concerns me the most is the frame issue. Being a mechanical engineer, the fact that they are using X-ray tells me that there are sub-surface weld crack issues with the frame which are not detectable by dye-penetrant (PT) surface testing. That's really serious and difficult to repair with the frame loaded and under stress.
  4. At this point, I'm being told delivery will be in October, so re-ordering wouldn't help. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that October delivery though. VIN is 1FM5K8HC8LGA11042 if anyone is willing to help track it for me.
  5. yesguitarman

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    I'm on six months since my order of a 2020 Explorer Platinum with nothing to show for it! Twelve weeks is nothing. I'm in a do loop. The Ford Service Team tells me to contact my dealer for status and my dealer tells me to contact Ford. I have the VIN and it shows up as "In Production, Sent Off Site". I guess that means it was shipped to Flat Rock for remediation.
  6. yesguitarman

    2020 Explorer Platinum

    Someone please help me status this 2020 Explorer Platinum. VIN is 1FM5K8HC8LGA11042. Cyberdman, can you help?
  7. Does the ad talk about the delays in shipping? I ordered my 2020 Explorer back in March and its no where to be seen. It was built on June 22nd and is "In Production, Sent Off-Site" whatever that means. I read somewhere that Explorers sent to Flat Rock for issues remediation will be "first in, last out" and that all may not ship until December. Nine months to receive a vehicle is ridiculous. Some transparency from Ford would be most helpful and appreciated. By the way, my Dealer seems to know less about my VIN than I do. That doesn't look good for Ford.
  8. yesguitarman

    Delivery Hold/Delay

    Enter your VIN at the end of this URL and paste into your browser: https://modernmusclecars.de/tools/mustangtracker/index.php?vin=
  9. yesguitarman

    Delivery Hold/Delay

    Using the German Mustang link, I see that my 2020 Explorer is "In Production", "Off Site". That means its in Flat Rock for remediation. Argh! It was built June 22nd. When is this going to end?
  10. yesguitarman

    Delivery Hold/Delay

    I'd like to know as well. I ordered my 2020 Explorer in mid-March. It was built on June 10th, but yet to be delivered. VIN is 1FM5K8HC8LGA11042.
  11. Can anyone status this vehicle? I ordered it in mid-March and was told it was built on June 10th, but it has yet to be delivered. VIN is 1FM5K8HC8LGA11042. Thanks!
  12. Same with me. My 2020 Explorer was ordered on March 12th, was built on June 10th, but yet to be delivered. I have the VIN (1FM5K8HC8LGA11042) and the Window Sticker.