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  1. I'm in the same boat, I have a DORA showing my order of a 2009 F-450 lariat 6.4 on July 21st, but haven't received any info on scheduling or delivery yet. Even though Ford says there is no change to the engine, I felt it would be worthwhile to wait for the 2009 Job 1 instead of buying the 2008 Job 3, as the Job 1 is next blockpoint change opportunity for Ford. While the blockpoint changes may not be major enough for Ford to mention, there's always minor items like changing a bolt p/n, changing a torque, different castings, different chip software, machining changes, etc. that may improve the product. I had been under the impression that production at the KTP would not start until september, so I'm encouraged to hear that it may be starting this month instead. I'll be pulling a 2009 Mobile Suites 5th wheel with my F-450. Currently it looks like the 5th wheel may be ready a month or so before I can get the truck. Because Ford has been rescheduling operations, they haven't been able to provide any delivery guidance. Because there is no scheduling info available, I have had to make some assumptions to do my trip planning. I've assumed a 7 week manufacturing time, starting in Sept 1st, plus 3 days for delivery to the dealer; this works out to a delivery date of Oct 23rd. Hopefully this date will pull up if production starts this month. I ended up having to place my order without knowing if there would be an associated incentive, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that. I'll get whatever is being offered at the time I take delivery.