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  1. BlueOval5.0

    2015 F-150 Order Guide and Start Up Date

    If I am reading this correctly, it looks like you could still order a 2014 MY truck when the 2015 MY order banks open. Is that because Dearborn and KC are doing different builds right now as far as models are concerned?
  2. BlueOval5.0

    Order Banks

    Does anyone know when the order banks close for the 2014 F-150? Thanks, Eric
  3. BlueOval5.0

    New for 2014

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to see it.
  4. BlueOval5.0

    Adios to my Fusion

    Had to sell my Fusion yesterday but didn't really want to. Lost my job over a year ago and could no longer afford 3 cars and insurance. So, since the Fusion brought in the most cash it was sold. I've been driving 20 years and have owned a dozen vehicles - this car was the best and most reliable by far. In nearly 90k, I never had to do anything but routine maintenance. The 3.0L is built to last forever I believe. The 6-speed tranny was smooth as silk too. Hope to be back in the Ford saddle again soon, until then I am driving a 2000 Nissan Frontier I affectionately call my POS truck.
  5. BlueOval5.0

    2013 Ford Fusion Debuts

    Not sure what you are alluding to. My 3.0 is smooth as silk. Hope the 2.0L EB is as well.
  6. BlueOval5.0

    2013 Ford Fusion Introduced!

    Bye bye V6 and hello to 1.6L and 2.0L EB motors.... Kinda looks like a Sonata from the rear and Volvo C70 from the front. Time will tell how successful it is but it sure is different!
  7. BlueOval5.0

    '07 Fusion

    Believe it or not, they should last until about 105k or 110k although they are starting to dry rot a little. I'm finally going to have to spring for rear brakes as they are just about gone. The original front pads still have some life. I may just bring it in for service and have them do everything at 100k and get it over with. I wasn't initially planning on keeping the car forever but now I may just keep it until 200k if all goes well.
  8. BlueOval5.0

    '07 Fusion

    Took my 2007 Fusion SEL V6 FWD from Long Island to Manchester, NH and back today - 548 miles round trip plus a quick exit for food and fuel. Hand calculated MPG for the first 381 miles was 30.8677 with average speed of 65 MPH and had defroster on about 25% of time during rain showers. Haven't checked the remainder yet but know it will be a lot worse due to heavy traffic on the last part of the return trip. Very happy with that considering the car has 89k on the clock and still has the original tires. I've never done anything to the car other than oil changes every 5k (motorcraft parts and fluids), tire rotation every 10k, and an air filter every 30k. Still has original brake pads believe it or not. All I hear from my Hyundai/Kia loving father is that the Sonata/Optima get 35+ but my response is that you can keep your 4-cylinder. The 3.0 V6 is just smooth and very quiet, never works hard. Eric
  9. FYI - my parents have a 2011 Sorento and the thing is a POS - in the shop 5 times since Jan. They are getting 18-19MPG with the 4Cyl, mostly city driving.
  10. BlueOval5.0

    2012 Expedition Order Guide

    Thanks for posting this information, not much change from the '11 model year. It was expected the 5.4L would be back but am still disappointed nonetheless. This is 6 straight years of the same bodystyle too, wonder if we'll get a change after the '12 model year along with the powertrain.
  11. BlueOval5.0

    6.2 Expedition

    It will not be available for the 2012 model from what I've been hearing so it looks like you are going to keep driving your Denali one more year.
  12. BlueOval5.0

    2011 & 2012 Expedition Timetable

    I was told "no significant changes" to the 2012 model so I have to assume that means the 5.4L remains. The current body style and powertrain are getting long in the tooth, you'd think we'd see some changes as it will be in its sixth year of the design but I guess not.
  13. BlueOval5.0

    2011 & 2012 Expedition Timetable

    Just curious if the timeline is still in effect and if the order guide is available. Thanks, Eric
  14. BlueOval5.0

    2011 & 2012 Expedition Timetable

    Are these dates still applicable? I haven't seen much info as to whether there will be substantial changes to the 2012 model Expedition. I'm expecting something since the current model design is now five years old and Ford was rolling out design changes to many of its vehicles the past couple of years. Thanks, Eric
  15. BlueOval5.0

    2012 Focus Pricing

    Transitman, Congrats on ordering a new Focus. I have an '07 Fusion that I am considering trading for a '12 Focus too. Your purchase price seems really good, may try the same approach. Keep us posted as to when it arrives. Eric