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  1. That would be chassis line 5. It's not so much moving backwards, it's more that the skillets don't get turned around to move forward.
  2. DearbornDerek

    Question About Production Cycle

    Nope. Everything comes down the line at the same time time. I may be wrong but I think we build them in the order the orders come into the plant.
  3. DearbornDerek

    Local 600

    Not the real John Lindsey...
  4. DearbornDerek

    FRAP workers told to walk off line at 10 hours

    except 40 hours does not go as far as it did 10 years ago....
  5. DearbornDerek

    The new Bronco/Ranger/MAP thread

    So, a two door expedition then....cause thats what they are...just with an independent rear suspension instead of a solid rear axel. The Bronco never died...it morphed into the expedition...Thats why I think the new Bronco will be mid-size or smaller. I have a feeling that what ever comes out of MAP will be compact. I'm still leaning towards transit connect based, only because I think Ford needs somewhere state side to build them...But these are just my opinions and opinions are like....
  6. I think we (DTP) are the only one producing the Platinum and I'm not sure if KCAP got any King Ranch production back. Last model the Platinum/Raptor were DTP only and the King Ranch was KCAP only (as well as all 8' boxes) who knows the mix now...All I know is there are a lot of high end trucks rolling past me every night...
  7. Trust me...We are all like "WTF???"... And we started running regular cabs again this week.
  8. DearbornDerek

    IIHS Crashed 2nd F150 Bodystyle

    If its the bars I'm thinking of, they are not welded on and I think they are just for the 4X4.
  9. DearbornDerek

    When did F150 get so pricey?

    Regular cab, 6.5' box, 4X4, sport package (more or less STX), 5.0L, spay in liner, soft top tonneau, tail gate step....$35,910
  10. DearbornDerek

    When did F150 get so pricey?

    Starting price: (Regular cab, 4X2, base package) Ram: $26,105 Silverado:$27,365 Tundra: $29,610 Titan (does not offer regular cab):$29,640 F-150: $25,800 Top of the line: (crew cab, 4X4, top trim level) Ram: $53,930 Silverado: $52,735 Tundra: $44,435 Titan: $44,955 F-150: $54,775 So the F-150 is the cheapest and the most expensive...
  11. DearbornDerek

    Visiting DTP, Henry Ford

    We do tag relief. Plant starts up at 6am and runs till lunch at 11:50. Starts up again at 12:20 and runs till shift ends at 4:30. Afternoon shift starts at 5:30.
  12. DearbornDerek

    2015 f-150

    Thats what we did to the robots that were supposed to shoot the box bollts...They couldn't keep up with the line speed...
  13. DearbornDerek

    2015 f-150

    The bumpers are mounted on brackets that are welded to the frame.
  14. DearbornDerek

    2015 f-150

    the bumper is put on by a worker with a hoist before the body is dropped. Its secured by automation after the body is on. ^^^^ This right here...