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  1. Thanks so much @cyberdman! Can anyone point me to the website where we track the shipping? I know I've seen it on a thread here but can't find it now.
  2. @cyberdman Sorry about that - 1FTEW1EG0LFB97950
  3. @cyberdman - Any update if I'm on the schedule yet? Thank you
  4. Found these two videos, confirming that the pictures I posted earlier were indeed from the Dearborn plant when it reopened on Monday: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/permalink.html?VideoId=6157459409001 The way those trucks are moving off the line the first day proves there were a bunch of them sitting on the idle line when the plant was shut down. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/permalink.html?VideoId=6157513181001 So many questions about this one, but will just ask this: Where the hell in the process does the line move backwards? I then backtracked to this page and was absolutely blown away! http://corporate.ford.com/company/plant-detail-pages/dearborn-truck-plant.html Dearborn has about 4,400 employees? The plant is 2,600,00 square feet, covering 1,100 acres. I just can't wrap my head around that. Having been a Ford guy all my life (except for my first car, a 1966 Chevelle SS396) , I had no idea the scale of this plant! God bless all you guys that work there. When you arrive at the start of your shift, how long does it take for you to get to your station? Do they offer helicopter drops? 🤣 One more question. That article says Dearborn came online in 2004. Where were the F150's built before that, especially considering its been the #1 selling pickup since the invention of the wheel?
  5. Oh no! Any idea what happened? I'm beginning to think that big red Limited just isn't meant to be for me.
  6. https://www.foxbusiness.com/money/coronavirus-ford-gm-restart-production-fca Are the pictures in this article current pics from the Dearborn plant? Also curious if there were partially completed trucks just sitting on the line while it has been idle.
  7. 09KR0058

    1968 Shelby GT500KR Convertible

    Wrong link? That takes me to a video of a 1969 Camaro ZL-1. The '68 KR convertible is still my absolute dream car, but they are pretty impossible to find.
  8. My 2020 F150 Limited, which was originally scheduled for the week of March 30 and fingers crossed will get rescheduled in the next couple weeks, is supposed to come with a free 5-year SiriusXM subscription. Anyone know if that will still be valid? I actually love it on my 2010 F150 Lariat SCrew and my 2009 GT500KR. I have all 3 satellite bands fully programmed.
  9. Regarding the Borg Warner plant damage, this got me wondering about parts on hand for vehicles that were scheduled for production. I ordered my 2020 F150 Limited on March 4, got the VIN on the 13th and on the 19th was advised it was scheduled for production the week of the 30th. Shortly after getting that news, it was announced that the plant would be shutting down for 2 weeks (that sure was optimistic). My questions are, when a truck is scheduled for a specific week to be assembled, that implies that all the pieces & parts would be at the Dearborn plant by the beginning of that week, right? If that is the case, how far before that week would the parts get there? And specifically regarding the transfer case that I assume would be coming from the BW plant, would the plant have x number of them on-hand when a production run is started? As someone who has been a car nut all my life, when I stop and think about it, it is truly amazing how many pieces & parts go into a build and where they are all coming from. Everyone be safe!
  10. Usually work from home 2-3 days per week, so not that big a deal but I do miss seeing some people at our office. I'm in healthcare IT, so we are really busy tweaking our products for COVID. I have managed to almost memorize the owners manual and all the other downloadable documents for my 2020 F150 Limited . Just my luck, it was scheduled for production on March 30. I was really excited to start following its status from production, to the rail car, to the dealer. However, I'd much rather wait until all you production line folks are back on the job, safe and healthy. Also plan on detailing the KR this weekend. I'm about a year overdue on that. Everyone be safe and wash yer freekin hands!
  11. You are correct, it looks 15/16th bad. That is just so wrong. To each his own I guess...
  12. 09KR0058

    Email Updates?

    Somehow these started working late last week.
  13. 09KR0058

    Next Gen F-150 Spied

    Maybe its just me, but I like the look of having the shark fin in the center of the roof vs off to one side. I'm guessing Ford put it off to the side for aerodynamic reasons?