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  1. Usually work from home 2-3 days per week, so not that big a deal but I do miss seeing some people at our office. I'm in healthcare IT, so we are really busy tweaking our products for COVID. I have managed to almost memorize the owners manual and all the other downloadable documents for my 2020 F150 Limited . Just my luck, it was scheduled for production on March 30. I was really excited to start following its status from production, to the rail car, to the dealer. However, I'd much rather wait until all you production line folks are back on the job, safe and healthy. Also plan on detailing the KR this weekend. I'm about a year overdue on that. Everyone be safe and wash yer freekin hands!
  2. You are correct, it looks 15/16th bad. That is just so wrong. To each his own I guess...
  3. 09KR0058

    Email Updates?

    Somehow these started working late last week.
  4. 09KR0058

    Next Gen F-150 Spied

    Maybe its just me, but I like the look of having the shark fin in the center of the roof vs off to one side. I'm guessing Ford put it off to the side for aerodynamic reasons?
  5. 09KR0058

    Next Gen F-150 Spied

    I've always wondered why the satellite antenna is off to one side. On my 2010 F150 Lariat the wart is centered on the passenger side roof just above the windshield. Any idea why they just didn't center it on the roof? BTW, "shark fin" - 🤣
  6. 09KR0058

    2021 F-150 Production Information

    That's why I was asking. I didn't know when the current F150 design started production. 13 years didn't sound right. Thanks
  7. I am following 9 threads and one topic, all set to immediate notification when they are updated. Just noticed that I have not been getting the updates. All my settings here look good and they are not going to the junk folder in my email client. Any idea what the problem is? Thank you Correction: The updates are being filtered to another folder in my email client which I just discovered. However, the last one I received was on 3/13 but nothing received since then. So, at one point this was working.
  8. 09KR0058

    2021 F-150 Production Information

    Same here. Ordered my Limited on March 3 and got my VIN on the 13th. Dealer called me last week and said it had been scheduled for production on the 30th, but with the plant closing there was no way to know when production would resume. As much as I'm looking forward to delivery, I'd rather everyone in Dearborn to be safe and healthy. I can wait. I saw an article over the weekend with some leaked photos of the interior of the 2021 Limited. If they are accurate, I much prefer the 2020. Although the center display looks larger, I really like the way the 2020 is laid out. Also mentioned that with 2021 it will be a complete redesign and that the current design is 13 years old. Is any of that true?
  9. Isn't the government (all us taxpayers!) still subsidizing this company?
  10. Much appreciated @cyberdman
  11. 09KR0058

    1980 Briggs and Stratton Hybrid

    Very cool. Never heard of that before.
  12. Been wondering about the production of F150s, specifically if they are done in batches by trim line. For example, when they start a production run, do they do all the XLTs, then Lariats, then Platinums, then King Ranch, then Limited? It would seem that with all the different parts & options on each line this would make sense. (Actually hoping they do the Limited first so I can get my new toy sooner!)