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  1. 09KR0058

    Pro Trailer Backup Assist Won't Work For Me

    According to the setup guide it has to be horizontal, which makes sense, to provide depth perception.
  2. 09KR0058

    Pro Trailer Backup Assist Won't Work For Me

    That was the common thread in the answers I received on other Ford/F150 forums. This isn't a big deal for me, and really not worth all that effort, as I've been towing boat trailers since my early 20's. It just looks like it would be fun to play with but not something I would use after that initial trial run. Its just a little frustrating that a feature so hyped by Ford has such limited use in the real world. I don't believe I've ever seen a boat trailer where you can actually mount that sticker within the required camera range.
  3. 09KR0058

    Pro Trailer Backup Assist Won't Work For Me

    I actually got a bunch of replies on other For/F150 forums.
  4. The tailgate step on my new 2020 F150 Limited doesn't pop out when I push the button. I just got off the phone with the dealer and they are so backed up in the Service department, it will be at least 3 days before they could get to it. The guy I talked to found there was a service bulletin about this issue. Is there any place I can look up that bulletin, or can someone here please send me the document or at least a link to it? Thanks
  5. 09KR0058

    Checking Order Status Without VIN?

    Thanks @lmhayes88 but I took delivery on June 19 and @cyberdman was a great help in providing me statuses along the way.
  6. 09KR0058

    History Of The Bronco

    https://www.motortrend.com/news/ford-bronco-history/?wc_mid=4035:19489&wc_rid=4035:2267607&_wcsid=3CE4E086317F2689126522EAB2C8C7A929196B5BFC54A265 Looking through the pictures in this article brings back so many good memories. I've had two of them in my life and loved each one.
  7. 09KR0058

    f150 2020

    I know exactly what you're going through. Ordered mine on March 4 and finally took delivery two weeks ago on 6/19. It was worth the wait. This truck is incredible!
  8. I think they could use a couple more buttons on the steering wheel.
  9. Although I've been towing trailers for a very long time, I was looking forward to playing around with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature on my new 2020 F150 Limited. Unfortunately, when I went to set it up, I found it just won't work for me. The checker box sticker has to be placed between 7 - 22 inches from the center of the ball mount. The surge brake controller on my tandem axle boat trailer is in the way as shown in the picture below. Has anyone else run into this situation? Is there any way around it? Funny thing is that in the manual and setup guide, they don't reference any boat trailers other than the short stubby ones used for a single PWC.
  10. 09KR0058

    Paint Color Code?

    Thank you sir.
  11. 09KR0058

    Paint Color Code?

    I'm looking at hard shell tonneau covers for my new 2020 Limited. When configuring it on the dealer sites, its asking for a two character paint color code. I paid the up-charge for Rapid Red when I ordered this truck. On the sticker, it is described as Rapid Red Met Tinted CC. Does anyone here know what the 2 character code is?
  12. 09KR0058

    Thank You Dearborn!

    Took delivery of my 2020 Limited on Friday and could not be happier. The fit and finish are flawless. Thanks to everyone at Dearborn and all the sub-assembly plants. Here is me saying goodbye to my trusty old 2010 Lariat and hello to my new Limited.
  13. Dealer called me this morning saying the truck came in last night. Looks like you were closer to the estimate than he was! They also dropped off a 2020 GT500 that was ordered just over 4 months ago. Thanks again for all the quick replies to my posts!!!
  14. Wow, thank you. How is it that the ETA is still a month away? Dealer finally called me and explained the delivery process from rail car to him. He's saying it should be the the week of July 6.
  15. Any chance that 1FTEW1EG0LFB97950 is on a rail car yet?