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  1. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Hey guys, back yet again with another updated concept to show! I think most people believe the new Atlas concept is a glimpse at things to come for the F-150, and while this is most likely the case I also saw a lot of what I think are some next gen Super Duty styling cues too. Particularly in the front end. So having said that, my latest concept combines some of my previous design elements, and of course incorporates the new Atlas concept as well. Here are 4 renderings to give you a rough idea of how this truck would look through some of the different trim packages...
  2. Jet_91

    New Silverado, Sierra unveiled

    Eek, pretty underwhelming stuff once again from GM. For all this talk about how important this new pick-up is for GM I feel they've dropped the ball once again. That interior looks like it came right out of 1989! And those crazy square wheel wheels are still out of place and awkward and clash badly with the rest of the design. But, the GM faithful will love it and if they sold the last generation they'll sell these too. The GMC looks better of the two, but personally I still was expecting more. Also it's pretty bad when it takes literally 5 minutes to photoshop it into the vehicle Hollywood built to spoof the American car industry of the 1980's... lol It's an uncanny resemblance! XD
  3. Yeah, real evolutionary styleing there GM... http://www.autoblog.com/2012/10/01/2014-chevrolet-silverado-spied-our-best-look-yet/ :rolleyes:
  4. Jet_91

    2015 F-150 Concept

    lol Wow, it does look remarkably similar to my design, but nope it wasn't intentional. I hadn't ever seen those renders before, I had just looked at the direction Ford's design team was heading and tried to anticipate what they might do. Never know, I might come pretty close. haha
  5. Giving their customers what they clearly don't want, that's the way to do it! lol The Acura "beak" has always reminded me of the Family Truckster from the movie Vacation... :lol:
  6. Jet_91

    2015 F-150 Concept

    Yeah, it's very possible. I'm anxious to see what they have in mind.
  7. Hey everyone, back again with another pick-up truck to show. I'd played around with the Super Duty in the past so I figured with the latest 2013 F-150 unveiling I'd try my hand at what the next gen might look like. Sorry about the quality, but MS Paint is all I really know. lol And an FX4 Off Road version... I tried to adapt the new Ford corporate face from the Evos/Fusion/Focus with some styling cues from the Super Chief and my previous Super Duty concept. I think if done right by Ford it could make for a very handsome F-150. Imo the current all square front end/grill is starting to look dated, so I tried to give it a more "free-flowing" look while still keeping a classic tough pick-up truck image. Not totally satisfied with the headlights but I gave it my best shot. haha Any and all comments/criticism is welcome! We need some more concepts guys!
  8. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Thanks man! Really appreciate it.
  9. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Sorry to bump up this old thread, but I've come up with yet another revision to my Super Duty concept. lol Ok, so a little information about this one. I tried to stay true to my previous two designs, but make it a little meaner looking with a few old school touches. I borrowed design traits from the classic 74 and 80 Ford trucks mainly in the grill, hood lines, and headlights. But I still wanted it modern looking enough so that people who may not be Ford history buffs wouldn't even know it was retro at all. Along with a new grill shape, I also "hollowed" the bars in the grill to reduce the amount of chrome on the front end (which I feel is a major problem of the current model) Whatever Ford does with the next gen Super Duty, I just hope they ditch the [===] "clamp" grill design. T_T Questions and comments are more than welcomes!
  10. Jet_91


    Here's one I did a while back because, like everybody else (except Dodge :rolleyes: ) I want to see it like this... It does make a sexy coupe, I gotta say. Also, here's another one I was playing around with. It's the concept that was posted on the first page with a few alterations/modifications from myself...
  11. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Hey everybody, I'm back again with a revised version of my custom Super Duty... This time, I relied heavily on the Super Cheif and SYNus concepts for design inspiration. I especially love how the lines of the hood on the Super Chief carry on and blend together with the bars in the grill, so I incorporated that in my new design. I also love the way the bars on the grill seem to carry on right into the headlights, so I also tried to get the same effect here as well. I decided to keep the enclosed front headlights even though I'm sure they would be an aerodynamic nightmares in real life. lol But I love the look they bring to a pick-up, so I took a page out of the Ford SYNus and tweaked them slightly from my original design to what you see now. Overall I tried my best to keep the tough, "in-your-face" chiseled look of my first design yet try and keep the lines of the truck flowing a little better and make it a little more organized looking. What do you guys think?
  12. Jet_91

    GMC Sierra All-Terrain HD

    Can you see me now? lol Some things never change. Typical GM move...
  13. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the feedback. rmc, I'll definitely look into that program. I have two other paint programs I use along with MS Paint for things like shading and blending, but I will look into GIMP for sure. Thanks.
  14. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Hey guys, back again with a rendered image my Superduty concept... Sorry for the quality, but MS Paint is all I really know. haha I tried to adapt the new Ford corporate sculpted side panel design similar to the Taurus/Explorer/Focus, that imo works very well when used on the Superduty. I tweaked the grill a bit from my original concept to incorporate some of the 2011 Explorer's features into it. Again, I think it transfers well to the Superduty. At the back, I incorporated a set of "sunk in" Raptor like tail lights to match the front, and moved the "Super Duty" script to the top of the tailgate on a stainless steel strip that when you look gives the illusion that the side indention is connected through the tail lights, around the tailgate, and back onto the other side. :D
  15. Jet_91

    Rethinking the 2014 F350

    Haha, you're right Nick, it does. Never even thought of the Bronco while designing that. That was an awesome looking concept. Thanks!