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  1. " Ford doesn’t even recommend this for the 2018 Mustang." It doesn't work with the new 10 speed auto. "Not working" "not recommended" is not the same. Saying it's not recommended gave me pause,as I'm probably going to get the kit. It's a fitment issue, nothing more.
  2. The 18 Mustang has a new automatic. It's a Ford product made for the 15-17 Mustang.
  3. They use the same basic design. "To get the extra power out of the 2016 Ford Focus RS, the 2.3L EcoBoost engine from the Mustang has been fitted with a different turbocharger, an upgraded intake system, a larger exhaust system and a larger radiator, which helps keep this high performance mill cool over long periods of track time. This power is put to the ground via a 6-speed manual transmission and a new advanced all-wheel drive system that should be one of the best-performing systems of its type in the segment." https://www.torquenews.com/106/how-mustang-ecoboost-makes-345hp-focus-rs
  4. I wonder if the Ford Power Pack for the 2.3 Mustang will work on the Ranger? https://www.cjponyparts.com/ford-performance-cold-air-intake-kit-with-calibration-ecoboost-2015-2017/p/M9603M4/
  5. "Next year, however, the coach-door Continental will be available on an unlimited basis–and if the Powers That Be within the Blue Oval give the nod, a rear-wheel-drive large sedan will assume the storied nameplate some time in the next few years, complete with standard-equipment coach doors in all trim levels. That, as the kids say, will be “lit.” There will still be a RWD Mustang, so why not a RWD Lincoln?
  6. timmm55

    Mercury GT40

    Great trivial question.
  7. Other than bragging rights, what does it do for Dodge? How many do they sell? The Challenger architecture is aging badly with bad crash test data, the V6 is slow and it is still in 3rd place sales. And I think it's downright dangerous not to have a roll bar in a Hellcat/Demon.
  8. I've said the same thing about 50s cars. We don't want to climb up OR down anymore.
  9. So it's putting out 410 HP?
  10. I sat in one last week. 1) They don't need an L version. Plenty of leg room 2) the optional rear seat control option is cool 3) The door handles are sexy, and the pull shut feature is a nice touch 4) The interior door electronic door release was WOW! In the parking we talked to a woman who traded-in her 7 series BMW on an all black Continental with red brake calipers. She loved it.
  11. The pants and the car were named after the Island of Capri. The other islands from the Mediterranean could go back to that idea: Linosa, Ibeza, Ios, Andros, Levanzo, Caprera all sound good to me. The "Lincoln Linosa"!
  12. No i didn't cherry pick a month. look at the YTD to the right...it gives 2014 and 2015. END YEAR 2015 (last available) the Taurus is 4000 units behind the 300, and nearly 1/2 of Charger sales. http://www.goodcarbadcar.net/2016/01/usa-large-car-sales-figures-december-2015-year-end.html
  13. Ummm not at all. The Charger alone has outsold the Taurus every year by wide margins. The 300 is just behind the Taurus. Using the 300 as the supposed target is disingenuous. http://www.goodcarbadcar.net/2015/09/usa-large-car-sales-figures-august-2015-ytd.html Notice that the RWD cars above have weathered the Large Car market better. The 300 was down 5.1% and the Charger only .3% compared to the FWD Large Cars down 27% (Taurus) and 35% (Maxima). 300/Charger on a RWD platform from a Mercedes 2003 W211, only refreshed once in 2011. If you argue against a more modern new RWD platform you are arguing against the Mustang continuing. It's already a borrowed platform dating back to the LS/Jaguar to 2000.