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  1. rdgallo

    Daytime Running Lights

    My dealer in Peoria, Illinois, says it cannot be done. He says it takes a module change. I can't believe Ford would do this. It seems they could use the same module for the USA cars as used for Canadian cars and just have a program change. Of course, I also feel they should have designed the "MY Lincoln Touch" to work correctly too.
  2. rdgallo

    MKX shipping on hold

    Thanks for the information. I have phone problems with my new MKX and the dealer has no information about an update coming. You say it is already out?
  3. rdgallo

    MKX shipping on hold

    How can I get a copy of the TSB?
  4. rdgallo

    MKX shipping on hold

    Do you know for sure there is an update to the Sync? I asked my dealer and he knew nothing about it. I am having trouble keeping my cell phone connected some times. One time it stays connected and the next time it does not. I have "unpaired" it and "repaired" it, rebooted the cell phone by taking the battery out, went to Verizon to make sure the phone had the latest software installed, and disabled the auto update of the phonebook in Sync and nothing fixes the problem. I was hoping this so called update would fix my problem, but the dealer says he knows of no update.
  5. rdgallo

    Show and Tell

    Nick, glad to hear you got a good one. We must have just gotten the "fluke" with the problems.
  6. rdgallo

    Just Took Delivery on new MKX

    Just noticed another defect today while cleaning the car. The chrome piece that runs across the base of the rear windows in the Driver'sw side rear door does not fit correctly. It appears arched instead of straight. The rubber seal at the base of stationary triangular window is about 1/8 of an inch from the window. I can't believe Ford would let this simple easy to see problem out of the plant. They must not have much in the way of quality control. Now we have to take it back to the dealer so (as he says) he can take pictures of it to send to Ford to see what can be done. Hell, I know what to do - fix it.
  7. rdgallo

    Show and Tell

    Nice rig, Borg. Thanks for sharing the pics. My wife and I took delivery on ours last week (Ingot Silver with black interior). It is a very nice looking vehicle. We have had a few issues though that are getting us wondering what kind of reliabilty we might have with this vehicle later. Here are the issues we have had during our first 100 miles since delivery: Driver's side power seat did not work correctly - dealer replaced parts to fix. Vehicle pulled hard to the right - dealer swapped front tires/wheels with another new MKX he had telling us we had a defective tire. Chrome piece that runs across the base of the rear windows does not fit correctly - it appears to be arched rather than straight and the rubber seal at the base of the rear stationary triagular window is away from the window by about an eighth of an inch. It is against the window on the other side of the vehicle. We cannot keep a cell phone connected to Sync - no explanation for this from the dealer. These are what we have found in just the first 100 miles. I worry about later. I don't want to put a damper on your delivery, but you might want to check it over good for defects. It appears the attention to detail is somewhat lacking at the Ford Plant the assembles these. Anyway, I sure hope the you and the rest of the people getting the Edge and the MKX get off to a better start than we have. Oh, one other thing - don't email Ford with a question about anything on your new vehicle. I did that and all I got was an email asking me for information like the VIn and what dealer I purchased it from. Heck, all I wanted answered was a simple question.
  8. rdgallo

    2011 Ford Edge Warranty Pricing

    I couldn't get a message to send to the Two Rivers Ford email posted on here so bought a 7 Year 60K mile zero deductible from my Lincoln dealer for our new 2011 Lincoln MKX for $1015. I didn't think that was too bad of a price to pay.
  9. Thanks to both of you for the responses. Yes, it does have the My Lincoln Touch and I have now figured out that you can only play one cd at a time. I appologize for not knowing what all this vehicle has. This is my wife's car and I think we both need to sit down in it and just start reading the manuals from page one to the end and trying the different stuff as we read. I figured this would give me an option to copy the cd to the hardrive and then one could copy another and so forth, but I have not found any info on that yet. The manuals don't say much at all about the cd function. We really like the vehicle so far with the exception of the driver's side power seat not working. We have an appt. with the dealer this Thursday to have new parts installed to fix this. We hope this was just a fluke and not the sign more problems to come. Oh, we also had to have the two front wheels/tires swapped with another new MKX at the dealer as the vehicle pulled pretty hard to the right when we first got it. The dealer said that one of the tires was not tracking correctly. We will see on that on. It only had 4 miles on it at delivery. So, maybe it just needs to be driven a bit to loosen everything up a bit. Again, thanks for the replies.
  10. We recently took delivery of our new 2011 Lincoln MKX. We have looked through all of the literature we received with it and cannot find any information on loading CD's, Playing them, etc. We don't know if it is a 6 disc changer or can only have one disc loaded at a time. Do any of you know where we can find some information on this function of the audio system? Surely there must be some instructions for it out there somewhere. If any of you know a phone number for me to call Ford for info on it, please let me know what the number is. Thanks!
  11. rdgallo

    Just Took Delivery on new MKX

    I ordered the trailer towing package on this and was surprised that I got a 2 inch square hitch instead of the 1 1/4 inch I thought it was coming with. I don't know if there is a wiring harness with this package as I have not found any information yet on it and really haven't looked that hard. Just thought I would let everyone know about the hitch size I received.
  12. rdgallo

    Just Took Delivery on new MKX

    Well. we took the new MKX back to the dealer for the seat problem and on the way up we noticed it was pulling hard to the right. Long story short - the dealer appologized for his poor PDI and then had to take the two front wheels off of another new MKX and swap them with those on mine as the tires were the culprit for the pulling to the right. He also ordered the parts to fix the power seat. I will get them installed sometime next week. I am happy right now as the dealer went out of his way to make me happy. I question how much emphasis Ford is really putting into quality and their efforts to take over the luxury crossover market. Like I said, it is a beautiful car, but should never have been able to leave the factory with these defects - especially on a new model MKX introduction. I hope my future with this vehicle is one that I will want to remember. I hope someone from Ford reads this and talks to the factory about their poor performance. I sent an email to Ford advising them of some negative feedback I got off another forum before this car was shipped and all they did was send me a standard response thanking me for all the positive feedback I gave them even thought there was nothing positive in my message to them other than I had ordered one of their new MKX's
  13. We just picked up our new fully loaded MKX today. The vehicle is beautiful and the fit-up and finish appears to be good. It is Sliver with black interior. The dealer did a lousy job of prepping it and we had them clean it up a bit more before we brought it home. On the way home I tried to adjust the driver's power seat and it would not move in all the directions it is supposed to. Seems jammed up (something the factory should have caught and when they didn't the dealer should have). So tomorrow morning I am taking it back in for the first warranty work at about 20 miles. I sure hope this is not an indication of things to come. I was hoping this $50k+ vehicle would be what Ford is telling everybody all there cars are as far as quality. Hope you all that are waiting on one of these have better luck than I have.
  14. FYI only. We ordered a 2011 LIncoln MKX on Sept. 17, 2010. The Sync software was installed on Oct. 20,2010 and the dealer now says ETA is week of Nov. 1st. We are in central Illinois. Hope this helps some of you wondering how long from order to delivery of your new cars.
  15. rdgallo

    Find status of order

    Please ignore. I just figured it out. Thanks.